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Awarded Public Tenders

Western Downs Regional Council has 46 Awarded Tenders advertised on Tenders.Net.

Tender #Brief DesciptionClosed On 
1007202MM20-17-18 Chinchilla Parklands Hard and Soft Landscaping19/06/2018
1006040MM14-17-18 Chinchilla Parklands Design & Construct Water Play Area31/05/2018
1006046MM19-17-18 Chinchilla Parklands Electrical Services31/05/2018
1003651MM15-17-18 Chinchilla Parklands Non-Potable Water Supply15/05/2018
985140MM11-17-18 Dalby Civic Centre Development27/03/2018
972253MM08-17-18 Design Construction of Replacement FIltration Systems at the Miles & Wandoan Aquatic Centres06/12/2017
966309MM06-17-18 Supply and Installation of Banner Poles (Regional Project)03/11/2017
961691MM05-17-18 Zeller Street Stormwater and Pavement (Chinchilla)MM05-17-1806/10/2017
950264MM32-16-1 7 Supply of Microwave WAN Support Services25/07/2017
944537MM29-16-17 Waste & Recycling Operations11/07/2017
944180MM30-16-17 Photovoltaic Solar Arrays08/06/2017
942498MM31-16-17 Movement & Control of Stock at Dalby Regional Saleyards25/05/2017
930905MM25-16-17 Bundi Road Bridge Construction-Horse Creek03/03/2017
930906MM26-16-17 Greenswamp Bridge - Charleys Creek03/03/2017
927230MM21-16-17 Supply of Closed Circuit Television Services (CCTV)07/02/2017
920437MM15-16-17 Charleys Creek Bridge on Burncluith Road05/12/2016
920236MM18-16-17 Chinchilla Works Depot Construction01/12/2016
918202MM17-16-17 Dalby Water Distribution High Service Pump Station Upgrade24/11/2016
915217MM06-16-17 Operation & Maintenance Winfields Road Waste Management Centre01/11/2016
913166MM10-16-17 Timber Bridge Rehabilitation Package 113/10/2016
902931Relocation of Water & Gas Reticulation Warrego Highway Dalby01/08/2016
901864Construction of Sealed Stopways to Chinchilla Aerodrome25/07/2016
896542MM18-15-16 Dalby Diplock Skate Park Upgrade03/06/2016
878994Wandoan Swimming Pool Canteen Toilet & Change Room Replacement15/01/2016
873155MM07-15-16 Chinchilla Water Network Upgrade Raw Water and Transfer Mains11/12/2015
868026MM03-15-16 Winfields Road Landfill Upgrade06/11/2015
864572Supply and Delivery Major Plant05/10/2015
8474736.2/2/14-15 Chinchilla Trunk Drainage Stage 2 Completion22/05/2015
8474802.2/3/14-15 Management WDRC Cinemas (Chinchilla & Dalby)22/05/2015
8468012.1/4/14-15 Waste & Recycling Centres Operation & Maintenance (Various Sites)19/05/2015
8334828.1.14-15 Chinchilla Aerodrome Pavement Rehabilitation09/02/2015
7997652.1/5/13-14 Chinchilla PWTP & 2.1/6/13-14 Chinchilla WWTP Upgrades28/04/2014
7924312.1/3/13-14 Operation & Management Wandoan Drillham & Dulacca Landfills11/03/2014
787084PS15-14-15 Flood Reconstruction & Resource Program-Panel of Civil Contractors17/01/2014
7794896.2/3/13-14 Chinchilla Trunk Drainage15/11/2013
7787401.2/2/13-14 Utility and Stores Building Dalby04/11/2013
766157Sewerage Network Upgrades: 5.7/4/12-13 Miles; 5.7/5/12-13 Miles; 5.7/6/12-13 Dalby02/08/2013
7121874.1/1/11-12 Construction of Heavy Vehicle and Machinery Washdown Facilities Chinchilla Dalby Miles 10/05/2012
704098Ref No 5.7/4/11-12 Sewerage Scheme Development14/02/2012
702641PS15-12-13 Flood Reconstruction Program Panel of Civil Contractors31/01/2012
687905Ref 6.2/4/11-12 Bridge Replacement, Patrick St Dalby07/10/2011
683042Construction Works associated with 16 Lot Residential Subdivision Wandoan29/08/2011
683154Major Items of Plant29/08/2011
683041Waterproof Lining of Potable Water Reservoirs Dalby24/08/2011
681385Construction of Works for remediation of Marble Street Dalby to pre flood event condition12/08/2011
657054Design & construct mtc works Jandowae pool ref 1.3/1/10/1101/02/2011

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