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Gippsland Water has 180 Closed Tenders advertised on Tenders.Net.

Tender #Brief DesciptionClosed On 
1021774GW473 - McNairn Road & Liddiard Road Replacement Bored Railway Crossings13/09/2018
1021781GW471 - Neerim South Clear Water Storage Basin Fixed Roof13/09/2018
1021912GW466 - Warragul Tyssen St TWPS Upgrade - Civil and Building Works13/09/2018
1021913GW467 - Warragul Tyssen St TWPS Upgrade Mechanical and Electrical Works13/09/2018
1021565Market and Harvesting of Softwood Plantation at Dutson Downs06/09/2018
1019328Gw472 - Sale Raglan St (York St) SPS Replacement30/08/2018
1019322GW470 - Sale Sewer Pump Station Outfall Civil and Building Works30/08/2018
1014433GW465 - Sale Bore Headworks Rising Main Upgrade Stage 3 Bore 1A GW46509/08/2018
1014443GWS426 - Cleaning Services09/08/2018
1015459GW469 - Sewer Main Upgrade Program 2018/19 - 2022/2309/08/2018
1013536Drouin WWTP Upgrade Supply of Odour System02/08/2018
1012481GW468 Moe WTP Electrical Upgrade19/07/2018
1010517GW461 Drouin WWTP Upgrade Supply of Sludge Dewatering Equipment12/07/2018
1007804GW464 Warragul WWTP Lagoon Desludging05/07/2018
1008516GW455 Watermain Renewals Program 2018 2023 (3 years+1+1)21/06/2018
1007679GWS429 Cathodic Protection Maintenance of Gippsland Water Assets07/06/2018
1003568GWS428 - Leadership Development Program07/06/2018
1003959GW460 - Drouin WWTP Upgrade Supply of Fine Screens24/05/2018
1004246RFQ095 - Supply and Delivery of CASE PUMA Ultimate 180 Tractor24/05/2018
1004389EOI / RFQ096 - Supply & Delivery of Mixer Feeder Wagon24/05/2018
988775GW458- Drouin WWTP Upgrade Supply of Aeration19/04/2018
988778GW459 Drouin WWTP Upgrade Supply of Blowers19/04/2018
988780GW463 Drouin WWTP Upgrade Supply of Mixers19/04/2018
987071GWS425 - Provision of Screenings Grit Biosolids General Waste & Recyclable Waste Transport10/04/2018
984380GW457- Drouin WWTP Upgrade - Supply of Membranes22/03/2018
979573Professional Organisational Development Services - Panel of Providers15/02/2018
979013Soil Organic Recycling Facility Road Upgrades08/02/2018
977424EOI RFQ092 Suppy and Delivery of a Windsifter / Material Separator for SORF25/01/2018
970234GWS423 Potable Drinking Water Carting to Thorpdale Supply System30/11/2017
959989GW450 Sunny Creek & Darnum Pump Stations Mechanical & Electrical Works28/09/2017
959991GWS419 Medical and Health & Wellbeing Services21/09/2017
955680GW449 Sale High Lift Pump Station Upgrade31/08/2017
955766GW441 Sale Water - York Street (Princes Highway) Watermain Renewal31/08/2017
955964GW454 - Maffra McAdam Street Liner Replacement31/08/2017
953666GW453 - Construction of Yallourn Bypass Water Supply Main - Stage Two24/08/2017
953796GW446 Warragul - Moe Water Supply Pipeline Stage 2 - Darnum to Warragul24/08/2017
954710GW445 Sunny Creek Rd, Trafalgar Pump Station Building24/08/2017
952445GW448 Morwell South West Sewer Upgrade17/08/2017
953673GW451 Neerim South WTP New Chlorine Dosing Facility17/08/2017
951387GW452 - Construction of Pipeline for SWOP Replacement Stage Three10/08/2017
951393GW444 - Sale Bore Headworks Rising Main Upgrade Stage 2 Bore 5A & 610/08/2017
950743Contract GW443 - Drouin Water Basin 1A Liner & Cover27/07/2017
937720RFQ084 - HLPS Upgrade Supply of pumps20/04/2017
933636GW439 - Construction of New Septage Recieval Tank30/03/2017
931027Provision of Financial Management, Financial Planning, HR & Payroll Systems16/03/2017
928359GWS414 - Provision of Office Supplies23/02/2017
927447GWS415 - Air Conditioning Mechanical Maintenance Servies16/02/2017
927449GWS420 - Records Storage, Archiving, Retrieval and Destruction16/02/2017
918327GW429 - Liner and Cover for Clear Water Storage at Ridge Basin24/11/2016
917340GW425 - Morwell Crinigan Road Sewer Rising Main17/11/2016
914657GW435 - Drouin Water Storage Basin 1 Modifications (Civil Works)03/11/2016
914658GW436 - Drouin Water Booster Pump Station Upgrade (Mechanical and Electrical Works)03/11/2016
913407GW437 Warragul South Basin Water Pipeline Works27/10/2016
914154GW440 - Truscott Road Moe Railway Crossing Watermain Replacement27/10/2016
913670GWS419 Medical and Health & Wellbeing Services20/10/2016
911725GW432 - Regional Outfall Sewer Dutson Siphon Renewal06/10/2016
908582EOI081 - New Fixed Roof for the Moe Water Treatment Plant Storage Basin22/09/2016
909520GW438 - Heyfield Water - Interconnection of Water Main in Muston's Lane22/09/2016
905611GWS396 Provision of Security of Services08/09/2016
904774GW430 Tyers- Traralgon Raw Water Main25/08/2016
903811GW434 - Traralgon Sewer Reticulation Grubb Ave - Wet Weather Reliever Pipe18/08/2016
903813GW428 - Drouin Wet Weather Reliever Pipeline18/08/2016
905825EOI080 - Supply of Streaming Current Detectors (SCD) for feedback coagulant control18/08/2016
903752GW433 Moe WWTP UV Upgrade11/08/2016
903775GW431 - Ridge Reservoir Outfall Pipeline04/08/2016
900462EOI077 - Expression of Interest - Panel of Technical Service Providers14/07/2016
899770Sewer Maintenance Services Contract07/07/2016
897984RFP008 Organisational Development, Financial Management & Financial Planning Systems Review23/06/2016
894971Meter Reading Services02/06/2016
892523GWS416 - Internal Audit Services12/05/2016
892707GWS416 - Internal Audit Services12/05/2016
881387Plumbing & Property Connection Services03/03/2016
877204EGW2016A, GWS401, SGW15-22, WPW2016/10 - Provision of Analytical Services11/02/2016
879369GW427 - Drouin WWTP Lagoon No.2 Desludging28/01/2016
876082GW426 - Yallourn North Sewer Rising Main Toms Bridge Renewal23/12/2015
874923RFP007 Digital Transition17/12/2015
874921EOI RFQ074 - Market and Harvest the Second Thinning10/12/2015
871783GWS411 - Building Services03/12/2015
872827GW424 - Yallourn North Sewer Rising Main Renewal Stage 103/12/2015
864801EOI / RFQ071 - Soil & Organic Recycling Facility - Office Building Construction15/10/2015
864955GW422 Construction of Pipeline for SWOP Replacement Stage Two08/10/2015
864001GW423 - Twin Six Main Replacement01/10/2015
861785GW419 - Sale Stead Street SPS Upgrade17/09/2015
860760GW421 - Sale Water Secondary Supply Main from Sale WTP to Town10/09/2015
859229GW420 Sewer Main Upgrade Program 2015/16 2017/1803/09/2015
857059GWS405 - Environmental Services27/08/2015
858969GWS410 - Supply and Delivery of Courier Services20/08/2015
858998Disposal of Plant & Equipment SORF Dutson20/08/2015
850671GW418 Watermain Upgrade Program 2015-201818/06/2015
845811RFQ067 - Lifting Equipment Services30/04/2015
836861GWS408 - SCADA and Associated Services12/03/2015
833486GWS407 - Repairs to Regional Outfall Channel (ROS)12/02/2015
827512GW417 Construction of New Inlet Works at Drouin WWTP04/12/2014
821511GW412 - Warragul Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) UV Upgrade30/10/2014
822477GW416 - Sale wtp upgrade stage 130/10/2014
820279GW410 - Moe WTP Combined Inlet Works23/10/2014
820280GW415 - Supply of Screening & Grit Removal System for Drouin WWTP09/10/2014
816599GW414 ROS Siphon Peg 8918/09/2014
813017Disposal Of Assets14/08/2014
813314RFP005 - Customer Surveying14/08/2014
801677GW413 - Warragul Central Trunk Sewer Stage 322/05/2014
793068GW400 - Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme Stage 7 (Odour Control)06/03/2014
792181GW411 - Sale Water Treatment Plant; New Aeration Towers27/02/2014
790740GW409 - Stockdale Road Sewer Augmentation - Construction of Pipeline20/02/2014
788042GW408 - Stockdale Road Sewer Augmentation - Construction of Bridge Piles30/01/2014
784776GW406 - ROS Siphons Renewal Program19/12/2013
783607GWS398 Property Management Services 12/12/2013
784513GW372 - Moe WTP Chlorine Treatment System12/12/2013
782352GW396 - Moe WTP New Chlorination Building28/11/2013
782619GW403 - Lodge Drive Sewer Rising Main Stage 228/11/2013
783616GW405 - Stockdale Road Sewer Augmentation Supply of Jacking Pipe28/11/2013
779167GWS399 - Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Data Maintenance.21/11/2013
779947GW398 Sewer Main Upgrade Program 2013/14 - 2014/1507/11/2013
778781GW399 - Middle Road (Trafalgar) & Factory Rd (Yarragon) SPS Upgrade Works31/10/2013
778812GW401 - Maryvale Emergency Storage Domestic Pump Station31/10/2013
778817GW402 - Neerim South WWTP Effluent Balance Tank31/10/2013
776107GWS400 - Unified Communications & Call Centre Replacement17/10/2013
776837Contract GW404 Sale Bore Headworks Upgrade Stage One17/10/2013
777061GW404 - Sale Bore Headworks Upgrade Stage One17/10/2013
775369GWS397 - High Voltage Operator Services10/10/2013
771949Security Services - Contract GWS39605/09/2013
768449Provision of Graphic Design, Multimedia, Copy Writing and Photography - Contract GWS39508/08/2013
763983Contract GW385 - Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme, Stage 6 (On Property Works)11/07/2013
763890Contract GW394 Dutson Downs Irrigation System04/07/2013
763912Contract GW397 Watermain Upgrade Program 2013/14 -2014/1504/07/2013
764915Database Administrator Services - Contract GWS39304/07/2013
762919Contract GWS392 - Installations, Repairs & Maintenance to Gippsland Waters Communication System.20/06/2013
756003GW384 – Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme - Stage 5 (Township Reticulation)06/06/2013
757566GW376 Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme, Stage 2 (Progress Road and Snipe Street Sewage Pumping Stations)06/06/2013
759759GWS388 Cleaning Services23/05/2013
757947Disposal of surplus agricultural equipment09/05/2013
752177Rural Property Services - Contract GWS39028/03/2013
753240Traralgon Head Office & Depot Fire Inspection Panel Replacement - Contract GW38228/03/2013
747530CONTRACT GW390 - Morwell North West Sewer Stage 1C from Latrobe Road to Elizabeth Terrace14/02/2013
743745Contract GWS373 - Provision of Screenings, Grit and Biosolids Transport 31/01/2013
744524Contract GW389 - SORF Non Prescribed Maturation Pad17/01/2013
737191Contract GW387 - Moe Water Bypass around TRU Eenergy Yallourn15/11/2012
737195Contract GW388 - Yinnar Sewerage Pump Station Replacement.15/11/2012
734153Contract GW 371 Loch Sport Sewerage Scheme, Stage 1 (Transfer Main)08/11/2012
736191Contract GW378 Drouin Oddy / Oriel Street Backlog Sewer08/11/2012
736303Contract GW381 Black Tank Rd to Cairnbrook Rd DN225 Water Main Renewal08/11/2012
738127Supply of Labour and Equipment Hire at the Soil and Organics Recycling Facility (SORF) Dutson Downs - Contract GWS37408/11/2012
735337Contract GW380 - Traralgon East Sewer Pump Station, Emergency Storage and Civil Site Works01/11/2012
735338Contract GW344 - Moe Water Treatment Plant Sludge Handling System Mechanical & Electrical Works01/11/2012
736189Contract GW386 - Renewal of Former Labertouche Creek Supply Main.01/11/2012
736190Contract GW377 - 300ML Irrigation Storage at Dutson Downs.01/11/2012
734175Contract GWS387 - Cathodic Protection Maintenance of Gippsland Water Assets25/10/2012
730790GWS375 - Printed Stationery Supplies20/09/2012
727333GW379 Warragul Endeavour Street Backlog Sewer30/08/2012
724661GW373 Coongulla Glenmaggie Sewerage Scheme, Stage 509/08/2012
724007GW374 Coongulla Glenmaggie Sewerage Scheme - Stage 4 (Hamlet Reticulation) - Construct Tenders02/08/2012
716222EOI050 - De - Sludging Maryvale 10ML Storage31/05/2012
714595Coongulla - Glenmaggie Sewerage Scheme Stage 3 (Underlake Crossings) - REOI 04817/05/2012
714608Supply & Delivery of Mobile Drum Screen Plant (Trommel) - RFQ04917/05/2012
710338Supply & Delivery of Wheel Loader - RFQ047 12/04/2012
704178Construct 600 Metre Cubed Containment Cell for Norms at Dutson - CONTRACT GW37008/03/2012
699942Servicing of Field and Laboratory Instrumentation - Contract GWS33816/02/2012
703248Contract GW367 - Coongulla - Glenmaggie Sewerage Scheme Stage 216/02/2012
701921Supply of Portable DAFF Water Treatment Cell - GW35802/02/2012
699950Coongulla Glenmaggie Sewerage Scheme - Stage 1 (Transfer Main) - GW36819/01/2012
701272RFQ045 - Supply & Delivery of 3 X Radial Stockpile Conveyors & 1 X Diesel Powered Hydraulic Power Pack19/01/2012
698343Construction of Civil & Structural Works Moe WTP Sludge System - GW34322/12/2011
699299Traralgon Eastern Industrial Sewer Mains - GW36420/12/2011
699312GW362 - Seaspray Raw Water Storage Basin Construction20/12/2011
696995GW369 - Yinnar to Boolarra Distribution Main Yinnar to Nuttalls Rd Section08/12/2011
697194GW348 - Tenders are invited for the supply and construction of the Dutson No.2 Saline Diversion Channel Improvements.08/12/2011
697206ROI004 - Registration of Interest - Desludging of Heyfield WWTP Lagoons08/12/2011
694957GW363 - Yallourn 19a Main Extension to Eastern road01/12/2011
694028RFQ044 - Supply and Delivery of a Broad Acre Boom Sprayer to Dutson Downs17/11/2011
693282GW359 - Drouin WWTP - Construction of Recycle Pipeline.10/11/2011
680889Contract GWS365 - Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Works29/09/2011
682348Contract GW361 - Warragul Central Trunk Sewer Main Augmentation Stage 201/09/2011
683941RFQ041 - Specification Design of Traralgon Head Office Fire Detection & Alarm System01/09/2011
684204EOI / RFQ042 GW Supply of Consultancy Services for Stores & Inventory Mangement Review.01/09/2011
682359Contract GW360 - Sewer Main Upgrade Program 2011/12 2012/1325/08/2011
677975EOI040 - ICT Strategy Review and Development28/07/2011
676789Delivery of Internal Audit Services07/07/2011
676903GW356 Supply and Commissioning of Pressure Sewer Pump Units for Loch Sport and Coongulla/Glenmaggie Sewer Schemes.07/07/2011

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