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Hepburn Shire Council has 94 Closed Tenders advertised on Tenders.Net.

Tender #Brief DesciptionClosed On 
1010244Clunes Turf Wicket Replacement26/06/2018
1008303Finishing Carpentry Services For The Rex, Daylesford07/06/2018
1002151Expression of Interest for Provision of Maternal and Child Health Care Services 2018-202316/05/2018
1004866Kerbing and Drainage works at Ingrow Lane, Daylesford11/05/2018
1003684Request for Quote for Hepburn Shire Active Women and Girls Strategy10/05/2018
1001926Request for Quotation for the Hub for Premium Produce Business Case06/05/2018
1000774Asphalt Pump-track27/04/2018
988459Trentham Netball Facility26/04/2018
990751Multi Function Devices - Lease and Maintenance24/04/2018
1000750Community Planning Facilitation23/04/2018
988596Jubilee Lake Environmental Management & Walking Track Reconstruction06/04/2018
986128Works on Jones and Reeces Road Floodway, Clydesdale18/03/2018
982639Refurb and extension of Victoria Park Soccer Clubrooms15/03/2018
984572Request for Tender for Footpath Construction at Albert St Creswick. Stage Two15/03/2018
985556Paint Heritage Lights At Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve13/03/2018
979238Streetscapes Main Road Hepburn Springs06/03/2018
982399Footpaths, Landscaping & Improvements at Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve27/02/2018
982453Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve Carpark & BBQ Area Upgrades27/02/2018
982913Resurfacing of Trentham and Drummond tennis courts22/02/2018
980612Flemings Road Bridge Works, Franklinford09/02/2018
977590Plastering Services - The Rex (Hepburn Hub) - 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford08/02/2018
977591Painting & Decorating Services - The Rex (Hepburn Hub) 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford08/02/2018
977594Staircase Manufacturing - The Rex (Hepburn Hub) - 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford08/02/2018
980218Albert Street Creswick Pedestrian Crossing08/02/2018
9799048 x Abandoned vehicles07/02/2018
980446Daylesford Cenotaph Upgrade Works07/02/2018
975452The Rex - Hepburn Hub 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford (Joinery)25/01/2018
975638The Rex - Hepburn Hub 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford (Electrical Services)25/01/2018
975699The Rex - Hepburn Hub 47-53 Vincent Street Daylesford (Mechanical Services)25/01/2018
976403Supply materials, labour for Plumbing & Hydraulic Works - The Rex Daylesford25/01/2018
975462Contract Municipal Building Surveyor11/01/2018
967040Road Reconstruction of Daylesford-Clunes Road, Clunes01/12/2017
968015Clunes Public Art Commission23/11/2017
968458RFQ - Knack Database Development and Partner Support Services09/11/2017
961094Servers (Physical Hosts) Refresh05/10/2017
958426Approved Supplier Panel Selection for Civil and Landscaping works 2017/201803/10/2017
960243Design of skatepark for dayelsford community park22/09/2017
957861Supply & Installation of Outdoor Adult Exercise Equipment19/09/2017
959781Request For Quotation - Landscaping Works At Lake Daylesford Foreshore13/09/2017
959789Landscaping Works At Lake Daylesford Spillway13/09/2017
958172Supply & Construct 6 x Interpretive Signage At Lake Daylesford07/09/2017
959139Request for Quotation for Construction of an Animal Holding Facility at Daylesford Depot07/09/2017
958652Construct Concrete Pads & Install Street Furniture06/09/2017
952438Planning and Design Services - Trentham Community Hub29/08/2017
953219Storage Area Network (SAN) RFQ10/08/2017
953092Request for Tender for Footpath Expansion Program 2017/1831/07/2017
951902Kerb and Channel Construction at Wills Square Daylesford (Stage One)28/07/2017
951911Supply and Installation of a Shade Sail at Glenlyon Recreation Reserve28/07/2017
947102RFQ for Rock Bolting in Hepburn Springs Vic 346128/06/2017
939592Expression of Interest - Lease of Commercial Zoned Premises - 8 Duke Street Daylesford28/04/2017
933591Trentham Public Art Project Expression of Interest27/04/2017
938165Request for Quotation for Cultural Heritage Assessment and Flora Fauna Assessment19/04/2017
935616Request for Quotation for Kerb and Channel Renewal at Raglan St Daylesford04/04/2017
934037Antivirus & Security Software & Appliance Upgrade30/03/2017
930405Invitation for Expressions of Interest - Purchase of 59 Main Road Hepburn Springs17/03/2017
930406Invitation for Expressions of Interest - Purchase of 1 Bleakley Street Daylesford17/03/2017
932452Request for Quotation for Footpath Construction at Albert St, Creswick. Stage One10/03/2017
929997Request for Quotation for Kerb and Channel Renewal at Main Road Hepburn23/02/2017
929473RFQ - 29 Desktop Computers & 39 Monitors16/02/2017
926671Master Plan Development of Recreation Facilities within Hepburn Shire Stage 1 and Stage 209/02/2017
926311Design and Construction of Soccer Lighting at Doug Lindsay Reserve Creswick02/02/2017
926246Daylesford Community Park BBQ Shelter25/01/2017
925280Request for Quotation for Construction of Central Springs Road and Fulcher Street Intersection Upgrade in Daylesford19/01/2017
922880Footpath Expansion Program 2016/1713/12/2016
918281Construction, Installation and Commissioning of Waste to Energy Systems08/12/2016
909065Creswick Landfill Cap Remedial Works07/12/2016
9201394 Unroadworthy and Unregistered Abandoned Cars07/12/2016
921116Labour Materials and Plant for Flood Recovery Reinstatement04/12/2016
920275Slashing/Mowing and Fire Prevention Clearance of Properties as Directed02/12/2016
920670Request for Quotation for Network Switches30/11/2016
909882HEPBU.RFT2016.45 - Reconstruction of Kingston-Werona Rd, Kooroocheang10/11/2016
918004IMPOUNDED 11 x variety of cows, bulls and bull calfs03/11/2016
912337Climate Resilient Irrigation Project06/10/2016
905222Licence to Operate the Paddle Boat Hire - Lake Daylesford09/09/2016
909907Supply and Delivery of Ironbark Posts08/09/2016
908461Updrade Clunes Bottle Museum Playground31/08/2016
907427Event Surveying - develop and undertake suveys at 2 of Hepburn Shires premiere events25/08/2016
901003Reconstruction of Hepburn-Newstead Rd, Hepburn Springs28/07/2016
901006Reconstruction of Zig Zag Rd, Drummond North28/07/2016
902395Request for Quotation for Footpath Renewal Works 2016/1721/07/2016
903305Request for Quotation for Printing/Mailing of Rates Notices21/07/2016
897496Wide Area Network Upgrade01/07/2016
897535Occupational Therapy Services09/06/2016
893879Expression of Interest - Carpentry Services 2016-1712/05/2016
893054Provision of Labour Hire Services 2016-201905/05/2016
892142Abandoned Vehicles04/05/2016
890340Backup (DR) Software Solution28/04/2016
882741Request for Primer-seal Quotation - Rehabilitation of Learmonth Road, Clunes14/04/2016
889664Construction of a 5.6m overall wide, steel framed octagonal shaped gazebo with 2.4 m high eaves.14/04/2016
890139Supply VMWare Host Servers08/04/2016
884431Request for PrimerSeal Quotation-Kingston-Werona Reconstruction Project02/03/2016
883170Request for Quotation for Public WiFi29/02/2016
879755supply and installation of quality commercial photovoltaic systems for seven separate Council facilities21/01/2016

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