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East Arnhem Regional Council has 111 Closed Tenders advertised on Tenders.Net.

Tender #Brief DesciptionClosed On 
1022136Irrigation to Sports Oval Lot 98. Ramingining18/09/2018
1022723Gunyangara - Drimmie Head Road - Sealed Pavement Repairs14/09/2018
1022830Sale of Vehicles and Plant by Tender14/09/2018
1019983Sale of Vehicles Plant29/08/2018
1018480East Arnhem Regional Council - Umbakumba - Roads Upgrade Program 201823/08/2018
1020139EOI MCML1807 Basketball Court Covers - Milingimbi and Galiwinku15/08/2018
1016362Repair Staff Amenity Area Lot 131, Umbakumba08/08/2018
1012721Irrigation to Sports Oval Lot 444. Angurugu17/07/2018
1007819East Arnhem Regional Council - Umbakumba - Roads Upgrade Program 201808/07/2018
1007641Supply of Troop Carriers12/06/2018
1007659Supply of Motor Utilities12/06/2018
1007661Supply of Aged Care Vehicles12/06/2018
1007695Oval Fence Replacement - Galiwinku12/06/2018
1001950Supply of Motor Utilities08/05/2018
1001952Supply of Troop Carriers08/05/2018
1001957Supply of Trucks08/05/2018
1004135Expression of Interest - Waste Trailer07/05/2018
989837Electrical Reticulation Services - Multiple Locations23/04/2018
990911Sale of Aged Care Vehicle Galiwinku23/04/2018
987886Milyakburra Roads Upgrade Program 201819/04/2018
988782Construction of Flood Lighting - Multiple Locations16/04/2018
984954Supply of Backhoe15/03/2018
976371Sale of Night Patrol Vehicles20/12/2017
966528Night Patrol Building - Ramingining01/11/2017
966193Roof Restoration Lot 131 Umbakumba30/10/2017
962643Gravity Sewer and Rising Main - Lot 598 Galiwinku03/10/2017
959527Gravity Sewer and Rising Main to Lot 598, Galiwinku06/09/2017
957855LAPF Oval Project - Galiwinku01/09/2017
956805Yirrkala Minor Civil Works31/08/2017
956853Gravity Sewer and Rising Main to Lot 598, Galiwinku25/08/2017
956857Gapuwiyak Basketball Court Project25/08/2017
955291EOI - Sale MAK Box Trailer23/08/2017
952009Sale of Vehicle and Plant16/08/2017
954478Raymangirr Culvert Structure Upgrades11/08/2017
947936Supply of Multi-functional Devices14/06/2017
947955Supply of Computers14/06/2017
945403Supply of Mutli-Functional Devices12/06/2017
944732Supply of Computers09/06/2017
944377Sale Of Aged Care Hiace31/05/2017
942554Scrap Metal Recovery - East Arnhem Communities26/05/2017
943725Supply of LED Screens26/05/2017
942675Supply of Loaders24/05/2017
942684Supply of Motor Vehicles24/05/2017
942703Supply of Night Patrol Vehicles24/05/2017
939117Milingimbi Minor Civil Works Program 201711/05/2017
939475Supply of LED Screens04/05/2017
940030Sale of Motor Vehicle04/05/2017
937944Sale of Motor Vehicles12/04/2017
928978Gapuwiyak Roads Resealing Program 201707/03/2017
931865Supply & Delivery of Groceries07/03/2017
931871Supply & Delivery of Meat07/03/2017
927428Supply of Motor Utilities27/01/2017
919493Supply and installation of 4 x playgrounds18/11/2016
911006Sale of Trucks and Plant04/10/2016
912178RFT External Audit Services28/09/2016
907943Air Charters Services - Panel21/09/2016
906966Maparru Road Repairs – Cyclone Lam01/09/2016
905546Municipal Services Angurugu31/08/2016
906273Freight Services - Barge31/08/2016
907409Sale of Motor Vehicle31/08/2016
904145Vehicles and Plant by Auction10/08/2016
902404Expression of Interest: Construction of Building Projects21/07/2016
901741Balma Road Repairs – Cyclone Nathan14/07/2016
903663Tender Box - Balma Road Repairs - Cyclone Nathan14/07/2016
897994Sale of Plant by Tender29/06/2016
898391Supply of Mowers29/06/2016
898421Supply of Trucks29/06/2016
898432Supply of Loaders and Backhoe Loader29/06/2016
897499Raymangirr Road Repairs – Cyclone Nathan23/06/2016
897507Balma Road Repairs – Cyclone Nathan23/06/2016
898024Air Conditioning Maintenance Services15/06/2016
898029Fire Protection Equipment Servicing and Maintenance15/06/2016
898033Pest Control Services15/06/2016
896969Waste Collection and Landfill Operations Milyakburra08/06/2016
892479Waste Collection Yirrkala and Gunyangara06/05/2016
892486Waste Collection Angurugu and Umbakumba06/05/2016
891295Sale of motor vehicles & plant27/04/2016
891884Lot 131 Umbakumba Roof Replacement25/04/2016
883519Gawa Road Repairs - Cyclone Lam03/03/2016
881263Galiwinku Roads Resealing Program 201625/02/2016
881571Ramingining Roads Resealing Program 201625/02/2016
881293Sale of Motor Vehicles24/02/2016
877134FT1516.03 Sale of vehicles06/01/2016
877418FT1516.04 Supply of Utility Motor Vehicle06/01/2016
869380Sale of Motor Vehicles04/11/2015
867616Supply of Utility Motor Vehicles28/10/2015
862835Project Management Services - 2 x Building Upgrades21/09/2015
857333Milingimbi Minor Civil Works Program20/08/2015
853804Project Management Services - East Arnhem Regional Council06/07/2015
852460FT1514.05 Sale of Vehicles and Plant01/07/2015
851238FT1415.04 Sale of Vehicles and Plant17/06/2015
846186FT1415.03 Sale by Tender - Sale of vehicle and plant on an as is/ where is basis13/05/2015
843116EARC 2034-18 [2015] - Yirrkala Roads Resealing Program23/04/2015
837157FT1415.02 - Sale of vehicles by public tender11/03/2015
825074EARC-2034-17 [2014] - Galiwin’ku community minor civil works- Re-tendered07/11/2014
825665EAST.EOI2014.20S - Expression of Interest - Learning Management System Consultant04/11/2014
822257FT1415.01 - Sale of Motor Vehicles and Plant22/10/2014
8171522034-17 [2014] - Galiwin'ku Minor Civil Works25/09/2014
814994EARC 2034-18 [2014] - Yirrkala Community Minor Civil Works04/09/2014
806981EARC 2034-16 [2014] - Gapuwiyak Access Road Upgrade Project03/07/2014
807390FT1314.07 - Sale of Motor Vehicles and Plant25/06/2014
796090RFT B-PC1415.01 - Routine Pest Control Services to East Arnhem Regional Council Assets09/05/2014
796092RFT B-PC1415.02 - Routine Pest Control Services to East Arnhem Regional Council Assets - Groote Eylandt Area09/05/2014
799604RFT - WM1415.02 - Roadside Waste Collection Services in Angurugu and Umbakumba for 24 Months09/05/2014
798735B-AC1415.01 - Air Conditioning Routine Servicing at all Council Assets in 7 x Regional Communities07/05/2014
799602RFT B-AC1415.02 - Air Conditioning Routine Servicing to all Council Assets in 3 x Regional Communities07/05/2014
799603RFT WM1415.01 - Roadside Waste Collection Services in Yirrkala and Gunyangara for 24 months07/05/2014
800206FT1314.04 - Sale of Motor Vehicles and Plant by Tender30/04/2014

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