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Advertise a New Tender

Advertising a tender onto Tenders.Net is a simple and quick process with a short wizard taking you through the relevant steps.

Standard users with Limited Advertiser status can place advertisements and attach electronic documentation for suppliers to download, while Registered Advertisers can include many more of our features such as Electronic Tender Boxes or Tender Forums.

To start advertising a tender:

  1. Log into Tenders.Net.
  2. Under the ADVERTISING option choose Advertise A Tender.
  3. Follow the Add Tender Wizard all the way to the end to place your advertisement.

The minimum required information for placing an advertisement on Tenders.Net is:

  • A brief description of the opportunity;
  • The Tendering Firm;
  • Some contact details for suppliers to use;
  • Details of the relevant goods and/or services;
  • The search categories relevant to your opportunity;
  • Administrative contact details for Tenders.Net only; and
  • The Date and Time for submissions to be submitted by.

Registered Advertisers can choose to release their opportunities immediately or at a specific date and time in the future. Limited Advertisers will have their opportunities reviewed by Tenders.Net staff before being released.