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DTP Control Panel

If you have been set up with a Direct Tendering Portal (DTP) there are several options you can specify to modify the page to your requirements. These settings can be modified here.

You can decide whether to list tenders at various stages on your DTP. Current Tenders will always be shown but you can also select to show Proposed Tenders, Awarded Tenders and Closed Tenders. There is also a setting to also show Selective (Invitation Only) tenders from your DTP - by default this is off.

There is also a setting to determine whether to also list tenders that you advertise on behalf of other companies on your DTP. This is disabled in the default setup.

A setting to allow suppliers to subscribe to your DTP to be notified of any publicly available tender you advertise on it. You cannot view this list of suppliers and they will need to be registered with Tenders.Net.