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Adding a new Supplier

You can quickly and easily add a supplier to your suppliers list under the Maintain Your Suppliers area linked under the ADVERTISING menu. You can also add a new supplier when advertising a tender.

The first item under the Maintain Your Suppliers menu is Add New Supplier but there is also a button on the right-hand side of the page when searching through your list of suppliers.

When adding a new supplier, only the Company and Email Address fields are required, everything else is optional. You might also like to add the supplier to any relevant Supplier Panels that you may have created.

Quality Suppliers Directory

Tenders.Net provides a directory of suppliers that have met certain pre-requisites, such as being in business for 5 or more years and/or having quality accreditation. Registered Advertisers can search through this directory and can easily import any interesting supplier into their own supplier list to be invited to future tenders.

This directory is a great way of finding extra suppliers that can bid on your opportunities, particularly in areas where you do not already have many suppliers on your list.