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Inviting a Supplier to Tender

When advertising or editing a tender as a Registered Advertiser, the Release page will have a section for Invited Suppliers where you can invite suppliers or whole supplier panels to be notified of the opportunity.

For Selective tenders, only the invited suppliers can view and respond to the opportunity, and at least one supplier is required.

Invite Suppliers

Clicking this button will bring up the list of Your Suppliers from which you can search and choose which suppliers to invite. Select the supplier(s) from the shown list that you wish to invite and click the big green Invite Suppliers button.

If there are multiple pages of results, you must invite suppliers from the current page before moving to another page or performing a search.

Invite Panel

Functionally similar to inviting a supplier, this button will instead list Your Supplier Panels to choose from. All suppliers from each selected supplier panel will be invited to the tender, with each supplier only being invited once.

After selecting your suppliers you can close the popup window and reload the Release page to view all the selected suppliers.