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Set up your own Direct Tendering Portal

To make use of a Direct Tendering Portal (DTP) you will need to be registered for free as an Advertiser on Tenders.Net. Usually we will set you up with a DTP when we process your registration, but we can quickly and easily set up one for you at any time if you contact us.

Your DTP will initially make use of our default appearance, but this can be quickly customised to match the appearance of your website. We will create a design and get your approval before releasing it live, possibly all on the same day you register.

To go a step further, your DTP can be embedded directly into the Tenders section of your website providing a seamless interaction with the rest of your site, but with the full power and experience of the Tenders.Net system. We can provide you with a small snippet of HTML code which your web designers can use to update your tenders page.