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Problems With Logging In

If you are having repeated issues with logging in, please contact our help desk for assistance.

Below are some of the more common issues that people may experience with trying to log into Tenders.Net and their solutions.

Not On Tenders.Net

Please make sure that the page you are trying to log in to is powered by Tenders.Net and will accept your Universal Access. If the website is on an external system, such as a council's website, then you will need to be registered with that system to log in as this is beyond our control.

No Login Details

If you have not registered and set up a password you cannot log in to Tenders.Net. Please register to set up an access.

The registration form will send you a confirmation email to set up your password. If you have not received that email you do not have access yet.

Forgotten Details

Your username will be the email address that you registered with. If you are not sure about your username or password you can use the Password Retrieval system on the site - there will be a link with the login form.

Page Reloads

If after submitting your username and password the page reloads and shows the login form again it means that your username and/or password was incorrect. Please try again.

If you are logging in via a popup on top of the window that says "connect to www.tenders.net" then please contact us to reset your access.

Access Denied

If you see a white access denied page after trying to log in several times it means that the username and password you provided were incorrect. Please refresh the page to be able to try again. You will be shown the Access Denied page ever 3-4 attempts.

Suspended / Cancelled

If you are told that your access has been suspended or cancelled you will need to contact us to resolve the issue and reactivate your access.