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Change Your Password

You can change your Tenders.Net password at any time. Simply log in with your existing password and select the "Change Your Password" link under the MENU option in the top-right of the site.

You will only need to use your new password the next time you log in after changing it.

We recommend that you keep your password long, but always ensure that you can remember it. Adding symbols and numbers help as well.

Do Not Use These Passwords

These are the more common passwords in use, and they unfortunately are the easiest to guess. We would prefer it if you did not use these.

  • password
  • Password!
  • Password123
  • 1234567890
  • 0987654321

Secure Password Examples

These are some suggestions at making a strong, but easy to remember password. Try to keep it long, simple and funny.

  • Bob.likes$2chickens
  • My2Cats@Home
  • Access2#Tenders.Net

Keep It Private

Do not share this password with anyone else, and please do not use the same as your banking password either.