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Tendering Firm Search

Also known as Organisation Search or Tendering Organisation Search.

A tendering firm search allows you to find tenders that are currently advertised by a specific council, company or organisation.

Only tendering firms who have currently open tenders will be listed and found using this search form, both when searching via keyword or using the alphabetical filter. If a particular firm is not listed it may not have any tenders currently open.

When you click on the name of a Tendering Firm that appears in your search results you will be shown a list of all opportunities they currently have under that name. You can click on one of these tenders to view the tender advertisement.

You will need to have Subscriber Level access to use this search form.

Keyword Search

Enter a key part of the organisation's name into the search box to find matching results. It is recommended to leave off unnecessary words to pick up on alternative use of the name.

For example, "City of Wagga Wagga" could also be listed as "Wagga Wagga City Council" and searching for "Wagga" will pick up on both.

Alphabet Filter

Clicking on a letter in the alphabet filter bar will show all tendering firms with current tenders whose names start with that letter. Names starting with a number are grouped under the "0-9" link and any name starting with a symbol or foreign character are included in the "Other" link.