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Keyword Search returns irrelevant results

If you notice that the searches you are performing are coming up with a lot of irrelevant results, please try these ideas to provide a more refined list of results.

Use Spaces

Tenders.Net will find keywords in the middle of other words, so certain words will return more results than you were intending. You can fix this by surrounding your keyword with empty spaces.

For example, "GIS" will also pick up on tenders with "reggister" but " GIS " will not.

Use Longer Words

Instead of searching for "heat" which will also pick up "theatre" you can use the full words "heating,heater".

Link Words Together

Some words may be too generic by themselves, but linking them with other relevant words will make sure they remain relevant.

For example, "road" is quite general but "road*work" and "road seal" are not.