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Supplier-Secured File Submission Tender Box

If the tendering firm has selected this tender box they are expecting you to create a single locked file, such as an encrypted ZIP archive or a password protected PDF file as your submission. This tender box will only accept one file, but the password protection is optional.

For extra security, suppliers may be asked to provide their passwords directly to the Tendering Firm via alternative means. They can also be submitted alongside the file on Tenders.Net.

Please make sure that the Tendering Firm will be able to read your submission when deciding how to secure it. There is no size limit on the file that you can upload as your submission.

To upload your single submission file:

  1. Following the link to "Lodge an electronic response" from the Tender Advertisement.
  2. Specify your contact details to be provided to the Tendering Firm with your submission.
  3. Select a file by clicking the "Choose" or "Browse" button in the form. A popup window will appear to choose your file.
  4. Find the file on your computer that you wish to upload, click on it to select it and press 'OK' or 'Open' to close the popup window. The file name should now appear next to the "Browse" or "Choose" button you just clicked.
  5. Enter any comments you would like to attach to this file.
  6. Click the green 'Upload File' button below the form. A message will appear to indicate the file is uploading.
  7. Wait until the file completely uploads and the page reloads.

Uploading a file will generally take about 10 times longer than downloading it would due to the way your internet connection is likely set up. You must make sure that your file is completely uploaded into the tender box before the tender closes.