Victorian Local Government Tenders

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VIC Local Government Tenders

To view the information collated on all public Tenders, Expressions of Interest and Requests for Information issued by councils within Victoria, you will need a Tenders.Net login which you can get by registering for free. There is no charge to use this portal to search for and view VIC Local Government tenders.

This portal does not cover opportunities from private companies or other levels of government. To search those opportunities, visit our main site at Tenders.Net and use your same login details. Our subscribers choose to save time and money by receiving these opportunities (and many more) as custom daily tender alerts.

You can use this portal to search Local Government tenders in VIC. If you are a Victorian Council wanting your own tendering system linked to this site please register for free or contact us for more information. Registered advertisers get free access to the following tools and much more:

  • Electronic Documentation;
  • Electronic Tender Boxes;
  • Automated Amendments;
  • Tender Forums;
  • Supplier Consortiums;
  • Tender Briefings.

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