Direct Tenders

The Spot for Your Tenders

As a Registered Advertiser you get the benefit of a Direct Tendering Portal as a central management point for all your opportunities. This can be easily customised to match your organisation's visual style and is designed for suppliers to be able to freely and easily interact with your opportunities.

This DTP can even be embedded directly into your own website for a seamless experience.

Local Gov Portals

Free Local Tenders

Local Government can advertise their tenders on Tenders.Net without charge And suppliers can access local government opportunities without charge.

Just another free service provided by Tenders.Net the inventors of eTendering.


Relevant Opportunities

We have created pages for many industries, listing only relevant opportunies in a simple, easy-to-use format similar to our DTPs and Local Government Tender Portals.

Bookmark the page for your industry form the list below and start finding tenders.

Custom Tendering Portals

Every regular advertiser on Tenders.Net can have a Direct Tendering Portal created for them with a uniquely customised appearance. This 'DTP' is designed as the place for advertisers to manage their opportunties and where they can direct their suppliers to find their opportunities.

You can find some examples of the hundreds of DTP's we have created below: