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Industry Page: Clothing

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    Tender # Region Brief Desciption Closing
1003806 VIC Management of markets 15/05/2018
1003803 O/S Demining vest & helmet with visor 30/04/2018
1003555 VIC Corporate uniform 21/05/2018
1003439 O/S Shoring kits, tool kits & safety kits Today
1003424 NSW Placement and management of clothing bins 15/05/2018
1003388 WA Sale of various surplus items 07/05/2018
1003308 O/S Uniforms 15/05/2018
1003218 NSW Artists for Creative Streets program 29/07/2018
1003156 QLD Trade services (panel of preferred suppliers) 15/05/2018
1003120 VIC Outdoor uniform 16/05/2018
1002774 ALL Sale of business assets - fashion agency Today
1002690 O/S Corporate uniform 04/05/2018
1002688 O/S Participate in market open day events - Arts & craft, blouses, food etc 30/04/2018
1002519 VIC Sale and removal of various surplus equipment 01/05/2018
1002516 VIC Supply of uniform 07/05/2018
1002413 NT Laundry equipment Today
1002362 O/S Generic supplies 08/05/2018
1001849 O/S Solar backpacks with reading light 30/04/2018
1001655 O/S Assorted household appliances Today
1001045 ALL Notice: Networking opportunity Not Stated
1000977 O/S Sleeping bags 03/05/2018
1000609 NZ Laundry project boilers & other services 07/05/2018
1000459 QLD Retail leasing - luggage & travel bags 30/04/2018
1000421 ALL Cloth for cleaning fleet of weapons 22/06/2018
1000331 NSW Stalls for craft fair Not Stated
990885 ALL Sale of assorted opals 30/04/2018
989874 NZ Replacement linen for hospital laundry services Today
989570 ALL Business incubator for business in France Not Stated
988737 ACT Notice: Contractor Central Supplier Forum 24/05/2018
988597 WA Notice: Festival of Local Business Not Stated
988326 WA Bulk sale of uniform & clothing stock 01/05/2018
987478 ALL Clothing store services 18/05/2018
986887 ALL Notice: Supplier engagement events Not Stated
982526 ALL Wharf extension project 28/02/2019
966713 ALL General building and trade services for project works 30/06/2018
952703 VIC Navy base redevelopment project (various opportunities) 13/07/2018
946789 QLD Stadium construction (various works) 22/10/2018
933046 ALL Medical grade footwear 30/06/2020
881677 ALL Gas pipeline project (various opportunities) 16/07/2018
747953 NSW Prequalification scheme: contingent workforce (various expertise) 28/02/2028

Results: 1 - 40 of 40 'open' tenders in this industry, this is page 1 of 1

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