Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
1127003Sorting tables for saffron, raisin and pistachioO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1125239Road project - institutional development consultantO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128933Personal protective equipmentO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128627Medical devices for diagnosisO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128626Household goods (paper towels, shipping containers, etc.)O/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128624Medical equipment for diagnosisO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128622Respiratory support equipmentO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128620DisinfectantsO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128617Lifesaving essential drugsO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1128213Internal auditorsO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1126014VehiclesO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1125237IT governance process documents (social insurance & welfare sector)O/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1125200Prefabricated sanitation unitsO/S11/04/2020Closing Soon
1127835Sanitation marketing and financing researchO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127694Development of climate change resilience strategyO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1123091Design & implementation of media observatory on VCMN / femicidesO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1115171Hardware & software for electronic payment gatewayO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1128329Delivery & support manager - CRM platformNSW12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127714Amphitheatre projectO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1128008HR consultantO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127967Power tillerO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127966Drip irrigation schemeO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127840Borehole drillingO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127836WASH facilities survey & KAP studies for schools / householdO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127824Project specialist for malaria controlO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127409Construction / rehabilitation of traditional wellsO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127317Forest seedlingO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1127316Organic fertilizerO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1126309Sewer vacuum / cesspit tankers mounted on truckO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1125769Rehabilitation of meeting room & cafeteriaO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1125764Rehabilitation of water treatment unitO/S12/04/2020Closing Soon
1097714Koala habitat conservation management paymentsNSW13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127403Concrete footpath worksVIC13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128153Sale of plantWA13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127476Development of guidance package for youth empowerment in climate actionO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127372Strengthening / monitoring of E&S, health & safety standardsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1115715Waste water treatment plantO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1122932Annual Community Strengthening GrantVIC13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126450Sale of mining processing equipment & mobile plantQLD13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127576Sale of businesses - digital marketing & production agencyNSW13/04/2020Closing Soon
1120806Women's domestic violence court advocacy serviceNSW13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127578Concrete footpath works (Garrett Street)VIC13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127402Construction of all abilities access rampVIC13/04/2020Closing Soon
1124649Community Funding ProgramWA13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126626School canteen licenceNSW13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126293Sale & removal of buildingsQLD13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125416Retail vending servicesWA13/04/2020Closing Soon
1120151Enterprise compute refreshWA13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128840Production of audio public service announcementsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128675Car parking security servicesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128602Assessing potential gendered impacts of coal sector transitionO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128505Various items for Covid-19O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128479Consultant for minor ancillary servicesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128470Vegetable seedsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128469Automobile fleet insuranceO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128422Leasing equipment demand & supply assessmentO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128312Strengthening protection of populations affected by explosive devicesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128308Medical equipment & PPEs (Iraq)O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128272Design and product development - textile industryO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128208Computer desktop and screen monitorO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1128007Ethernet cablesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127951HVAC spare partsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127933Assessment of district heating utilities financial sustainabilityO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127916Construction of concrete children's bicycle trackNSW13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127898Inlet influent pumps for wastewater treatment plantO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127825Civil works for construction of storeO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127786Video interviewing & online testing/assessment servicesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127685Training workshops for IT officialsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127682Training of IT staff for system auditingO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127630VentilatorO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127613Charcoal briquettes production systemO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127536Cloud management platformO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127422Inspection & technical assessment of mine wolf machinesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127412Molasses for dust suppressionO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127369Global risk finance capacity strengthening programO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127321Independent monitor unit check software licensesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127297Fumigation and gardening materialO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127243Winch for wells rehabilitationO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127220Outgrowers development program in feed & livestockO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127053Conservation management (Madang)O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1127008IT equipmentO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126963Conservation management (Simbu)O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126947Mid-term review of support program for private sector investment opportunitiesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126891Consultancy for improvement of hospital infrastructureO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126831FurnitureO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126763Diagnostics study on ESG sustainable infrastructure investments (energy & ceramics)O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126749LaptopsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126701Consultancy for improvement of hospital infrastructureO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126405Organizing mobile phone documentary videos workshopsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126375Climate services for agricultureO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126332Garages for periodic maintenance operations & repair of motor parkO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1126025GrantsNZ13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125685Construction materials for schoolO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125297Upgrading infrastructure - equipment & machinery (Sharak Nawen)O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125293Upgrading infrastructure - equipment & machinery (Chahar Sou Trunk Rd)O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125264Lease of landO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125235Project auditO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125185Complex diagnostics of information systemsO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1125184Hotel conference, accommodations and catering servicesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1124917Parcel locker programALL13/04/2020Closing Soon
1124536Trash compactors incl lighting installation / electrical connectivityO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1124529Radioreceptor assay packageO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1124325Construction of municipal marketO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1123241Dredging workO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1122448Headworks (incl. gravity dam, river diversion works & spoil disposal areas)O/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1119911Language e-learning coursesO/S13/04/2020Closing Soon
1121204Understanding the mode of action of phosphite in avocado for enhanced management of Phytophthora root rotALL13/04/2020Closing Soon
1124943Management of beachfront marketsQLD14/04/2020
1121387Diesel generatorsNT14/04/2020
911992Disability services provider panelWA14/04/2020
1125186Plumbing servicesNSW14/04/2020
1120104Review and update civics education resource democracy rulesALL14/04/2020
1126983Design consultant services - refurbishment worksNZ14/04/2020
1126810Antiviral Development for COVID-19 GrantALL14/04/2020
1126506Respiratory Medicine Clinical Trials Research on COVID-19 GrantALL14/04/2020
1126275Shared path constructionNSW14/04/2020
1125120Leasing of bookshop space(s)O/S14/04/2020
1123403Car park facade upgrade - electrical / lighting worksNSW14/04/2020
1123402Car park facade upgrade - structural worksNSW14/04/2020
1122846Disability standards for accessible public transport compliance auditNSW14/04/2020
1126640Local design consultants for sports complex (various expertise)NSW14/04/2020
1126924Mercury analyserWA14/04/2020
1123873Road upgrade incl street treesNSW14/04/2020
1122517Construction of astronomy and science centerNSW14/04/2020
1122503Structural condition inspections for bridge, boardwalk & jetty assetsNSW14/04/2020
1123089Telecommunication tower replacementNSW14/04/2020
1122810Construction of roof replacementsNSW14/04/2020
1126069Health & wellbeing servicesNSW14/04/2020
1124544Roll growth & redevelopment projects - master planning / lead designNZ14/04/2020
1123576Road safety improvementsVIC14/04/2020
1123116Steel deck installationNSW14/04/2020
1122129Lease & redevelopment of sitesWA14/04/2020
1126646Foreshore masterplan detail design developmentWA14/04/2020
1126371Waste, recycling & organics waste collection servicesWA14/04/2020
1122844Construction of concrete water storage reservoir & structural/waterproofing improvementsNZ14/04/2020
1127265Network infrastructure upgradeO/S14/04/2020
1126203Supply and installation of coir mesh and/or jute mattingWA14/04/2020
1118806Australia-India Council GrantALL14/04/2020
1126684Detailed design services for parkWA14/04/2020
1126225In-room patient and clinical information systemQLD14/04/2020
1125950Treasury billsNZ14/04/2020
1125890Property maintenance works & servicesSA14/04/2020
1125633Pontoon dock, gangway and design bank abutment, access paths and look outWA14/04/2020
1125621Intersection upgrade (various works)NT14/04/2020
1124981Leachate tankering servicesNSW14/04/2020
1124941Signalised intersectionQLD14/04/2020
1123904Water and sewer electrical installationNSW14/04/2020
1123786Reseal program (Central & Western)QLD14/04/2020
1123593Patient services (panel)SA14/04/2020
1123573Collection of paper and cardboard from nominated locationsQLD14/04/2020
1123449Cleaning services (incl. laundry)QLD14/04/2020
1123385Odour control system panelVIC14/04/2020
1122875Night bus services – bespoke routesVIC14/04/2020
1122257Parking and traffic enforcement and administration servicesVIC14/04/2020
1122206Waste management servicesQLD14/04/2020
1122017Authorised independent medical examinerACT14/04/2020
1126571Removal & disposal of derelict vesselQLD14/04/2020
1128446Audit servicesO/S14/04/2020
1128397Air conditionO/S14/04/2020
1126764Strategic planning, event coordination & public relations servicesO/S14/04/2020
1125594Facility upgrade worksNT14/04/2020
1123932Repairs/maintenance of diesel generators & ancillary mechanical equipmentNT14/04/2020
1122341Solar resource ground measurementO/S14/04/2020
1121196Wild Dog Exclusion Fence SchemeQLD14/04/2020
1118109Advisory support on improving cross-border guarantees for noncommercial risksO/S14/04/2020
1128942Cloud based call centre with ongoing support and maintenanceALL14/04/2020
1128645Microsoft Dynamics 365 - specialistACT14/04/2020
1128089Wintel support servicesACT14/04/2020
1128078Software engineering and developmentALL14/04/2020
1127638Cyber security consultancy servicesALL14/04/2020
1127637Technical architecture servicesALL14/04/2020
1125959Cloud establishment and transitionALL14/04/2020
1125750Data analytics architecture / platformACT14/04/2020
1125631Cloud establishment & transitionALL14/04/2020
1126305Funding - South Australian Wine Industry Development SchemeSA14/04/2020
1125603Training centre refurbishmentNSW14/04/2020
1126093Graph database software & IT professional servicesALL14/04/2020
1128926Issue of treasury billsO/S14/04/2020
1127202Roadside mail service (Karridale Nillup)WA14/04/2020
1126209Truck with attached tipping bodyVIC14/04/2020
1126208Truck with attached wood chipping collectionVIC14/04/2020
1126207Truck with attached tipping bodyVIC14/04/2020
1125997Bituminous productsWA14/04/2020
1124445GPs for whole of practice immunisation quality improvement projectVIC14/04/2020
1126240Transport and parking advisory servicesVIC14/04/2020
1124983Ready mixed concreteNSW14/04/2020
1128948Devanning aluminium sulphateO/S14/04/2020
1128527Repair of laboratory incubatorO/S14/04/2020
1127093Website design / developmentO/S14/04/2020
1126430Fitout of officeQLD14/04/2020
1125029Community Litter GrantNSW14/04/2020
1127863Open space assets condition rating & playground & fitness equipment inspectionQLD14/04/2020
1128161Appointment of community member to audit committeeVIC14/04/2020
1125332Funding - Boosting Female Founders InitiativeALL14/04/2020
1128667LED installationQLD14/04/2020
1125520Hospital main loading dock upgradeQLD14/04/2020
1125315Public art - heritage interpretation at railway station precinctVIC14/04/2020
1124798Advisory & service delivery partner for customer experience (CX) roadmapSA14/04/2020
1124135Lease of building - iconic arts & cultural opportunitySA14/04/2020
1126053School infrastructure upgradeNZ14/04/2020
1125146Salesforce related professional services IT panelNSW14/04/2020
1125144Software development IT panelNSW14/04/2020
1125141Digital services IT panelNSW14/04/2020
1125017Sale of impounded sheepNSW14/04/2020
1124286Membrane filtration equipmentNZ14/04/2020
1123406Retrofit insulation & heat pump installation quality / probity auditsNZ14/04/2020
1118506Sale of VSD cabinet unit & FAG roller bearingsWA14/04/2020
1127884Preparation of infrastructure strategy (various services)NZ14/04/2020
1126570Review of flood studyNSW14/04/2020
1125680Support for facilitation of teacher forumsO/S14/04/2020
1126149Asphaltic mixersQLD14/04/2020
1128361Toyota RAV4 hybrid vehiclesSA14/04/2020
1128026Bituminous surfacing servicesQLD14/04/2020
1127599Vegetation management strategy developmentNSW14/04/2020
1126518Road refurbishmentQLD14/04/2020
1126478Roof replacement and deck constructionNSW14/04/2020
1126350Olympic cauldron fire and gas leak detection system alteration & upgrade worksNSW14/04/2020
1126269Playground upgradeVIC14/04/2020
1126210Multi-deck car parks - project management servicesVIC14/04/2020
1126160Construction of helipadQLD14/04/2020
1126138Sewer pump stationQLD14/04/2020
1125796Pool chemicalsWA14/04/2020
1125474Segregated access route to retiring roomNZ14/04/2020
1125127Early education programNSW14/04/2020
1125124Hydraulic service (WBB Region)QLD14/04/2020
1124904Public artworksSA14/04/2020
1120910Learning management software systemQLD14/04/2020
1125991House refurbishmentQLD14/04/2020
1127563Reticulation servicesWA14/04/2020
1128888Coordination of communication campaignO/S14/04/2020
1128838Printing materialsO/S14/04/2020
1128785Emergency Action Funding for Innovative Online ProjectsALL14/04/2020
1128738Online delivery of Covid-19 mental health & psychosocial servicesO/S14/04/2020
1128736IT equipmentO/S14/04/2020
1128656Cleaning productsO/S14/04/2020
1128600PPP framework support - institutions, processes & systemsO/S14/04/2020
1128594PPP framework support - law & regulationsO/S14/04/2020
1128510Design licensesO/S14/04/2020
1128243Diesel generatorO/S14/04/2020
1128221Dredging / bandalling & erection maintenance of navigational aidsO/S14/04/2020
1128188Market assessment of temperature-controlled logisticsO/S14/04/2020
1127795Water supply & sewerage system upgradeO/S14/04/2020
1127661Rehabilitation of water well & connection to water public network incl generatorO/S14/04/2020
1127645Containerized accommodation / medical clinic, construction of cafeteria & canopyO/S14/04/2020
1127635Veterinary suppliesO/S14/04/2020
1127625IT equipmentNZ14/04/2020
1127600Safeguarding, transport & final destruction of DDT stockpileO/S14/04/2020
1127595Medical lab suppliesO/S14/04/2020
1127546Public art projectVIC14/04/2020
1127522Training resources (printer, projector & screen)O/S14/04/2020
1127497Grants - Arts and Disability Mentoring InitiativeALL14/04/2020
1127479Immobilization devices 3DCRTO/S14/04/2020
1127472Development of operational manual for climate change fundO/S14/04/2020
1127419Pedestrian crossingNT14/04/2020
1127247Quantitative evaluation of training programsO/S14/04/2020
1127054School reconstruction / renovation worksO/S14/04/2020
1126968Development of census-based approach for measurement of SDG indicatorO/S14/04/2020
1126907General auditO/S14/04/2020
1126820Electrical materials and building componentsO/S14/04/2020
1126777Analysis & mapping of care, support, protection & resilience servicesO/S14/04/2020
1126770Rehabilitation of lighting networksO/S14/04/2020
1126766Baseline study on awareness regarding knowledge, attitude & practice on food safetyO/S14/04/2020
1126765Organization of product development & fashion event for market linkages & employmentO/S14/04/2020
1126716Office suppliesO/S14/04/2020
1126711Renovation works on police stationsO/S14/04/2020
1126710Vacuum suction-cum-jetting unit tankers mounted on truckO/S14/04/2020
1126707Technical & coordination assistance on violence against women / girls dataO/S14/04/2020
1126706Study on economic costs of violence against women & girlsO/S14/04/2020
1126662Latrine maintenance kits & dignity kits for disaster victimsO/S14/04/2020
1126543Payroll servicesO/S14/04/2020
1126174Pre-insulated pipesO/S14/04/2020
1126018Land preparation worksO/S14/04/2020
1125839Rehabilitation works of armoriesO/S14/04/2020
1125233Social survey - water resources managementO/S14/04/2020
1125215Transmission line & distribution networks rehabilitation / extension worksO/S14/04/2020
1125177Monastery conservation worksO/S14/04/2020
1125174PCB screening equipment and test kits for analysis of dielectric oilO/S14/04/2020
1125163Equipment and technical services for conversion technology of rigid polyurethane foam blowing for refrigerators / freezers cabinetsO/S14/04/2020
1124530Feasibility analysis for global fundraising TV showO/S14/04/2020
1124491Enabling readiness for up scaling investments in building energy efficiencyO/S14/04/2020
1123392In-vivo imaging systemO/S14/04/2020
1123364Refurbishment construction & fitout of library/multipurpose learning centreNT14/04/2020
1123120Irrigation scheme modernisation projectO/S14/04/2020
1123108Port machineries (gantry cranes, firefighting trucks & terminal chassis)O/S14/04/2020
1122806GP clinical editorsVIC14/04/2020
1122549Landside civil & building worksNSW14/04/2020
1122324Rehabilitation / construction of drinking water supply systemsO/S14/04/2020
1122303Area network redesignO/S14/04/2020
1121565Innovation Challenge FundO/S14/04/2020
1115379Construction & completion of road (Curuan-Sibuco)O/S14/04/2020
1115380Construction & completion of bridgeO/S14/04/2020
1115382Construction & completion of road (Gutalac-Baliguian)O/S14/04/2020
1115383Construction & completion of road (Siay-Gapol)O/S14/04/2020
1115385Construction & completion of road (R.T.Lim-Siocon)O/S14/04/2020
1113830Construction of dwellingVIC14/04/2020
1119707T2020-15 Waste Collection ServicesALL14/04/2020
1128615EOI - Sydney Dragway construction and upgrade worksALL14/04/2020
1126942Asphalt path construction at various sites within the Bright townshipALL14/04/2020
1122004Fishpond inputs and construction materialsO/SNot Stated
1121415Notice: Grounds & gardens maintenanceVICNot Stated
1119860Notice: Issue by syndication of treasury bondALLNot Stated
1119444Sale of optometry practiceVICNot Stated
1122243Design and construction of a super yacht berthing facilityQLDNot Stated
1122131Lease of campsiteWANot Stated
1122123Sale of private estate homesNTNot Stated
1122121Sale of business - bakeryNTNot Stated
1122118Sale or lease of buildingNTNot Stated
1122102Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
1122078Notice: Disability standards for accessible public transport auditNSWNot Stated
1122063Briefing and orientation session: Vendor registration in e-procurement portalO/SNot Stated
1121978Bull seeds for artificial insemination trainingO/SNot Stated
1121963Sale of hotel development siteQLDNot Stated
1121929Various works - contractorsNSWNot Stated
1121858Notice: Use of parkQLDNot Stated
1121845Sale of cattle grazing propertyWANot Stated
1121844Sale of propertyWANot Stated
1121795Notice: Builder for town hall restoration worksVICNot Stated
1121733Lease of warehouse spaceO/SNot Stated
1121726Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
1121719National reports on implementation of biological diversityO/SNot Stated
1121713Notice: Study on tourism businessesQLDNot Stated
1121697Territory development rights - fast food industryNZNot Stated
1121687Stallholders & performers for eventsNSWNot Stated
1121521Notice: Murals / artworksSANot Stated
1121507Sale of tractorQLDNot Stated
1121480Notice: Stormwater upgradesNZNot Stated
1121475Haulage contractorsSANot Stated
1121472Information session: Highway projectQLDNot Stated
1121443Cleaning servicesVICNot Stated
1121437Patient deterioration leadership groupNZNot Stated
1121422Notice: Bridge railway deck upgradeNSWNot Stated
1121419Notice: Civil design and construction worksNZNot Stated
1121410Notice: Workshop for food & beverage businessesSANot Stated
1121402Notice: Regional forumsQLDNot Stated
1121372GeneratorsO/SNot Stated
1121294Timbers and plywoodsO/SNot Stated
1121251Notice: Reservoir strengthening upgradeNZNot Stated
1121202Event sponsorship opportunitiesNSWNot Stated
1121201Subcontractors - structural, finishes & service tradesNSWNot Stated
1121195Residential redevelopmentsVICNot Stated
1121150Food collective opportunityNZNot Stated
1121063Notice: Sale of business - fashionQLDNot Stated
1121032Hairdresser - contractorWANot Stated
1121031Notice: Business expoQLDNot Stated
1121029Upgrade of bathroom & meeting room (incl electrical works)VICNot Stated
1120991Sale of fishing vessel & licenceALLNot Stated
1120967Notice: Security door & window supply & installationACTNot Stated
1120966Biodiversity assessment consulting services for solar farm projectNSWNot Stated
1120965Visual & glare assessment consulting services for solar farm projectNSWNot Stated
1120964Cultural heritage consulting services for solar farm projectNSWNot Stated
1120963Community engagement consulting services for solar farm projectNSWNot Stated
1120961Re-opening of fixed coupon infrastructure bondO/SNot Stated
1120950ArchitectVICNot Stated
1120948Replacement of plumbing pipesACTNot Stated
1120943Contractors & trades - Caretaker's cottage & toilet facilityQLDNot Stated
1120921Contractors (various) for NDIS compliant housingQLDNot Stated
1120601Fundraising & food vendors opportunityWANot Stated
1120596Lease of office spaceO/SNot Stated
1120594General practices for pilot projectNSWNot Stated
1120593CaterersNSWNot Stated
1120562Bushfire waste clean upSANot Stated
1120540Public health & finance / procurement consultantsO/SNot Stated
1120506Renting of unitWANot Stated
1120496Sale of freeholdNSWNot Stated
1120482Traffic impact assessment & management plan investigationNSWNot Stated
1120359Sale of specialist labour hireALLNot Stated
1120340Sale of optometry practiceVICNot Stated
1120329Notice: New water play area & all-abilities playgroundQLDNot Stated
1120309StallholdersSANot Stated
1120266Vulnerability and exclusion assessmentO/SNot Stated
1120224Arranging of venue for workshopO/SNot Stated
1120186Stall holders / hosting of activityVICNot Stated
1120132Re-painting of buildingsVICNot Stated
1120043Quantity surveyor / engineering consulting servicesNSWNot Stated
1120004Financial audit servicesO/SNot Stated
1119983Light industrial area - business development opportunityWANot Stated
1119946Retirement & aged care providers for facility build, operation & maintenanceQLDNot Stated
1119879Printing of promotional materialsO/SNot Stated
1119832Private marqueesQLDNot Stated
1119830Independent audit, risk & finance chairNZNot Stated
1119808Notice: Gas explorationQLDNot Stated
1119775Notice: Media analystNZNot Stated
1119774Sale of freehold farmlandO/SNot Stated
1119772Sale of waterfront resortO/SNot Stated
1119768Sale of freehold investment propertyO/SNot Stated
1119766Sale of homeO/SNot Stated
1119731Notice: Sale of impounded vehicleSANot Stated
1119657Topographical survey, land survey & soil sampling servicesNSWNot Stated
1119628Issue of treasury billsO/SNot Stated
1119474Notice: Youth mentoring services (panel)NZNot Stated
1119434Sale of DAF machineO/SNot Stated
1119428Sale of business - beachfront eatery / cafeNZNot Stated
1119423Demolishing & removal of houseO/SNot Stated
1119422Notice: Aquaculture leases in various estuariesNSWNot Stated
1119410Chronic wound governance groupQLDNot Stated
1119406Notice: Multisectoral health & wellness forumO/SNot Stated
1119394Canteen and catering servicesVICNot Stated
1119375Subcontractors and suppliers for facility extensionsQLDNot Stated
1119374Subcontractors and suppliers for villas & apartmentsNSWNot Stated