Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
971884Notice: Remote terminal units supply and supportNSW25/11/2017Closing Soon
971825Sale of machinery and equipmentO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
972521IT equipmentO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
971500Report writer for expanded programme on immunization meetingO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
971481Technical consultant - renewable energy (various expertise)O/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
971542Administrative & coordination support for forumO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
971484Study on shea butter value chainO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
971485Legal consultant - renewable energy sectorO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
970942Trauma care surge capacityO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
970371Document digitization servicesO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
969906Capacity building for media in innovation and diversityO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
969912Technical equipment and training for criminal intelligence analysisO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
969515Design of ICT parkO/S25/11/2017Closing Soon
962679Hosting of event for Chinese New Year festivalNSW26/11/2017Closing Soon
966771ScoreboardVIC26/11/2017Closing Soon
972697Development of statistical training modules and training of trainersO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
972539Servers and NAS storageO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
972247Uniforms, mosquito nets and sleeping bagsO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
972248Distribution service for household solar kits and solar refrigeratorsO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
972071Renovation of water treatment plantO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
972092Training and support to PVE online content productionO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
972084IT equipmentO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
971899Microfinance (MFI) consultancyO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
971885Development of REDD+ stakeholder engagement plansO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
971889Training for vaccinatorsO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
971891Food suppliesO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
971533Upgrading and expansion of fuel station (various works)O/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
971103Assessment on how policymakers build their capacityO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
970172Resources mobilisation servicesO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
970171Communication strategyO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
969522Energy access project - design and supervision consultantsO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
969504Study on polytechnic graduates’ relevance and employability (various priority areas)O/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
968849Solar street lightsO/S26/11/2017Closing Soon
970672Lease & operation of youth centreQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
971800Canteen servicesVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
970681Funding - fishing & aquaculture industriesSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
972038Rapid diagnostic - measuring & reporting on user experience improvementsACT27/11/2017Closing Soon
968775Sub-contractor for depot (various works)WA27/11/2017Closing Soon
970050Demolition works (incl heritage impact assessments)SA27/11/2017Closing Soon
969833Structural and civil worksWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
970960Supply & delivery of renewable energyNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970729Bridge structural maintenanceNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970575Mobile community safety camera trailerVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
970574Toilet refurbishmentVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
970533Traffic control services (panel)NSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
968512Forum Secretariat Staff InsuranceALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
967934Flood damage reinstatement worksWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
967182Delivery & sortation services for public library networkSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
966336Sale of homeNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
969497Plastic / paper bagNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
971696Chemical free weed controlWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
969874Law Enforcement Conduct Commission investigation case management systemNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970584Footpath renewal and new construction worksNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970401Construction of shared path / cycle lane facility (various works)NZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
967781Wharf fender upgrade projectQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
967765Fence worksWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
973041Sale of uteNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973042Sale of vanNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
972470Sealing worksQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
972457Quarry materialsQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
972472Asphalt worksQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
972169IM target operating model and organisational designQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
969139Suicide prevention service model(s)NSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
968467Regeneration mechanical disturbance and floating servicesVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
973346Sale of box body truckNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973089Sale of freezer trailerNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973087Sale of tractor unitNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973239Genesys reviewACT27/11/2017Closing Soon
973085Sale of box body truckNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973093Sale of logger trailerNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973083Sale of truckNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973091Sale of tractor unitNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
972591Sale of tipper truckNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
972669Sale of spreaderNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
972670Sale of truckNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
972481Sale of flatdeckNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
967137SMART surveillance for pests, diseases and weedsALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
973004Sale of business & assets - restaurantNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
972049Sale of sawmill block propertyVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
971776Air conditioning of classroomsQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
971799Sale of vacant landTAS27/11/2017Closing Soon
971170Main building contractor for ILE upgradeNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
971236Ecological and Cultural Heritage Consultant Services for Dinner Plain Mountain Bike Trail ConstructionVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
971189Main building contractor for ILE upgrade and roofing works incl LED lightingNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
971172Main building contractor for ILE & roofing incl lighting electrical worksNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
971190Main building contractor for ILE, roofing, electrical & fire alarm worksNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970991Management of contingent workforceNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970687Cemetery toilet constructionSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
970688Kerb & water table replacementSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
970642Conversion of grass bowling greenQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
970603Internal audit consultancyQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
969648Australian Sweet Potatoes - Events (PW17507) and In-store demonstrations (PW17514)ALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
969651Australian Sweet Potatoes - Social media (PW17504) and Public relations (PW17508)ALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
971923Independent desktop reviewO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970542Automated backup system for SCADA virtual machinesQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
971928Property consultantNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
971820Accommodation servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971808CleaningVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
971821Installation of air conditioning unitsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971129Business case for gastronomy instituteVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
971167Main contractor for school worksNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970604Various trades and services for inclusion on preferred contractor databaseNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970496Bitumen resurfacing worksQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
970274Audit committeeVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
970238Asbestos survey & associated servicesNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970117Winning & crushing of gravelNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970086Lighting upgradeNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970052Compliance monitoring & associated services (various)NZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
969815Chillers & cooling towersNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
969588Development of waterway action planVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
969115Water damage remediationNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
968435Construction of upgraded town beach access ramp & rock seawallSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
965774Sale of abandoned landNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970297Campus core replacement - network infrastructure and servicesALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
972033Male change room (wet side) - water damage repairsWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
971951CCTV cameras, wireless transmitters & receiversNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970425Public transport messaging service brokerNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970530Theatre foyer refurbishment (various works)NZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
970537Program manager - planned asbestos removal & reinstatement programVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
969551Fresh dog foodVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
971850Smartraveller Grants ProgramALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
969536Axial / torsional testing systemACT27/11/2017Closing Soon
968281Implementation of the Pacific Labour FacilityO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972028Potable water mainsVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
971918Establishment of telehealth training centreNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
971747Construction of leachate pondsWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
971621Upgrade of playing ground (civil engineering construction)O/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971163Software support servicesQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
970745Roadside weed spraying servicesSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
970741SCADA radio upgradeNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970728Traffic analysis and ancillary servicesNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
970599Review of formative assessment practices and processesTAS27/11/2017Closing Soon
970437Chilled water air conditioning upgradeQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
970011Evaluation of programs for family preservation and restorationNSW27/11/2017Closing Soon
969780Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometerSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
969409Sale of breeding and grazing propertyVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
969608Sale of business - retreat and wedding venueVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
969085Construction of new ablution block & deckQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
969225Principal contractor for surgical outpatients redevelopment projectQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
968874Art curator servicesWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
970005Apprenticeship and traineeship regulatory field servicesVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
967664Sale of abandoned landsNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
973860Bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, pillows, mosquito nets and bucketsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973823Independent member audit committeeSA27/11/2017Closing Soon
973654Writing of course materialO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973657Integrated energy system planning - project management and reportsALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
973481Multimedia forensics and analysis software and trainingO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973271Agricultural machinery and techniqueO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973269Atomic absorption spectrophotometersO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973265Radio-graphic mammography machine & computed radiography x-ray systemO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973266Translation servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973031Check sources for activity metersO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973034Briquetting systems and universal crusherO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973037Water audit of buildingO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973029Co-57 rectangular flood sourceO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973028Phantoms & ionization chamberO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973036CarO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973075GeneratorO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972531Training content & projects materials (digital financial services)O/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972525Various furniture for buildingO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972554Funding - Environmental Recovery from Tropical Cyclone DebbieQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
972245Construction of new college incl associated civil worksQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
972256Van type utility vehiclesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972082Information technology security and awareness trainingO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972083Vulnerability management solutions (cybersecurity)O/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972108Internet servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972085Structural geology reviewO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972086Inventory of mercury sources and releasesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972120Internet servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972089Hydrocarbon satellite seeps studyO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972097Hydrocarbon seismic reviewO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972074Prospects synthesis review (oil & gas exploration)O/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972079Strengthening capacity to manage disaster risk and recoveryO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972094Hydrocarbon gravimetry reviewO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972134Feasibility assessment of extending pension coverage to informal sectorO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
972090Transformer and overhead hardware fittingsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971879Audit servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971998Interior fit-out worksO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971848Application development and support servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971846VehiclesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971874Disposable utensilsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971969WTP, reservoirs, transmission mains and pumping station worksO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971528Various furnitureO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971512Fiber optic internet servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971518Transport vehiclesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971550Solar lighting systems on bus sheltersNT27/11/2017Closing Soon
971529ICT itemsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971530IT hardwareO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971501Monitoring and evaluation of HIV and tuberculosis programsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971480Recognition of prior learning impact evaluation studyO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971446Relocation of officesNZ27/11/2017Closing Soon
971269Offer of stapled securities & optionsALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
971327Rehabilitation of residential housesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970936Micro assessment and spot checksO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970939Monitoring & evaluation of local peace-building and conflict reduction capacityO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
971070Community Rivercare Program FundingWA27/11/2017Closing Soon
970898Development of dashboard/visualization tool for DFS projectsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970934Business intelligence (BI) & data warehouse (DW) strategy servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970946Vehicle body repair servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970932WASH evaluationO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970362Replacement of control units for emergency power generatorsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
970191Fire equipment, fire detection & electronic security systemNT27/11/2017Closing Soon
969730Research funding - Disability Through the Lens of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander PeopleVIC27/11/2017Closing Soon
969708Construction monitoring services of hospital rehabilitation worksO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
969398Ultrasounds for breast cancerO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
969517Audit servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
969168Construction of water supply & public sanitation works (Botene)O/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
969166Construction and upgrading of town centre (various works)O/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
969056Solar power operation systemO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
969167Construction of water supply & public sanitation works (Pakkading)O/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
968917Sale of dump trucksALL27/11/2017Closing Soon
968749Various e-learning production and delivery servicesO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
968581Charitable giving platformO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
968472Renewal of out-dated low voltage distribution systemsO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
968265Baseline survey for watershed development projectO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
967455Community Assistance ProgramQLD27/11/2017Closing Soon
966050Facility managementO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
961708Cargoline replacement construction projectO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
959177Laning of road sectionO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
959176Laning of road sectionO/S27/11/2017Closing Soon
973578Interaction designer (Medicare and aged care payments program)ACT28/11/2017
973414Technical cyber security training expertACT28/11/2017
973766Notice: Road upgradeNZ28/11/2017
970983Design & construction of replacement bridgesNSW28/11/2017
971069Privileged & service account management solutionNSW28/11/2017
971477Sale of plant & equipmentNSW28/11/2017
972218Natural gas and associated servicesVIC28/11/2017
972220Natural gas and associated servicesNSW28/11/2017
971709Construction of asphalt humpsVIC28/11/2017
971711Carpark constructionVIC28/11/2017
971713Installation of pedestrian flashing lightsVIC28/11/2017
971614Traffic, transport & pedestrian management servicesNSW28/11/2017
971402Charterisation of biogenic habitatsNZ28/11/2017
970241Training & development for caregiving families pilotNZ28/11/2017
970240Consultant - external remediation & internal refurbishment worksNZ28/11/2017
971757Additional toilet facilitiesO/S28/11/2017
973979Issue of treasury indexed bondsALL28/11/2017
970938Demolition of building & structural workNSW28/11/2017
970782Pneumatic tube systemNZ28/11/2017
970826Replacement of air conditioningNSW28/11/2017
970590Waste transfer station shute upgradeQLD28/11/2017
969656Sports centre extensionNSW28/11/2017
971756Main entrance road upgrade worksO/S28/11/2017
970593Project management servicesNSW28/11/2017
969570Booberoi woolshed complex - Heritage Near Me local heritage strategic projectNSW28/11/2017
968116Biosolids and greenwasteQLD28/11/2017
972171Water treatment managementQLD28/11/2017
972862Paper-folding machineNSW28/11/2017
970915Print copy paper (panel)NSW28/11/2017
970925Periodic dewatering of sludge (panel)NSW28/11/2017
970953Construction of culvertNSW28/11/2017
970955Compressors - dam aerationNSW28/11/2017
969713Refurbishment of oxidation pondsNSW28/11/2017
969761Tunnel isolationNSW28/11/2017
969715Hire for light vehicles, plant and equipmentNSW28/11/2017
969306Evaluation of the Respecting the Difference: Aboriginal Cultural TrainingNSW28/11/2017
968662Design & construction of shared user path bridgeNSW28/11/2017
968499Design & construction of composting & aerating facilityO/S28/11/2017
970032Design and construction of water reservoirs and pipelineNSW28/11/2017
969014Staff accommodation unitsNSW28/11/2017
967786Construction of groundwater monitoring boresNSW28/11/2017
974004Marketing campaign for commonage development blockNZ28/11/2017
972516Sale of landNZ28/11/2017
972530Armistice Centenary Grants ProgramNSW28/11/2017
972471External audit & risk committee memberVIC28/11/2017
971613Subcontractors for college construction works (various)WA28/11/2017
970972Riverfront precinct redevelopment (various works)SA28/11/2017
970878Sale of luxury residenceVIC28/11/2017
970862Sale of riverfront residenceVIC28/11/2017
970641Grants - HomelessnessQLD28/11/2017
970398Main contractor for external upgrade construction works (incl. lighting)NZ28/11/2017
970399Field drainage improvement projectNZ28/11/2017
969738Facilities management services for sports centreSA28/11/2017
967397Maximise the biosecurity of the Australian citrus industry Budwood facilityALL28/11/2017
970543Human resource servicesQLD28/11/2017
972236Base building refurbishment managing contractorACT28/11/2017
971948Cloud-based health and safety management systemNZ28/11/2017
971829LED streetlightsNZ28/11/2017
971691Corridor safety improvements (Northland)NZ28/11/2017
971692Corridor safety improvements (Central)NZ28/11/2017
971018Pavement rehabilitationNZ28/11/2017
971066Utilities management softwareNZ28/11/2017
970784Junction / intersection safety improvements (various works)NZ28/11/2017
970534Pavement rehabilitation (incl fencing)NZ28/11/2017
970400Safety improvements (various works)NZ28/11/2017
970388Design & construction of bridgeVIC28/11/2017
970448River stopbank upgrade (Awahuri to Te Arakura)NZ28/11/2017
970242Bridge painting (incl. cleaning)NZ28/11/2017
970114Bridge HPMV strengtheningNZ28/11/2017
970112Walking & cycling link (various works)NZ28/11/2017
970054Newcastle station short-term activation leaseNSW28/11/2017
969872Newcastle station short-term activation leaseNSW28/11/2017
969512Headquarters roof renewal (various works)NZ28/11/2017
968933Construction of seal widening, slow vehicle bays & associated delineation worksNZ28/11/2017
968906Redevelopment of facilitiesNZ28/11/2017
968935Construction of seal widening, slow vehicle bays & associated delineation worksNZ28/11/2017
968573Sale of property / business - equestrian facilityVIC28/11/2017
957449Air Conditioning Scheduled MaintenanceSA28/11/2017
967939Sale of hotelQLD28/11/2017
966827Waste management servicesNZ28/11/2017
971216LED streetlight conversionNZ28/11/2017
970997Fabricated steel components (panel)NSW28/11/2017
967342Upgrade of stadiumNSW28/11/2017
970307Radioactive waste management facility site characterisationALL28/11/2017
971707Installation, maintenance and advertising on illuminated bus sheltersWA28/11/2017
971708Cricket turf wicket replacementWA28/11/2017
971706Install sewage and water mainsWA28/11/2017
970922Sale of cottageNSW28/11/2017
970978Sewer main rehabilitation and investigationNSW28/11/2017
970970Upgrade of oval grandstandsSA28/11/2017
970577Athletics complex track resurfaceVIC28/11/2017
969809Road widening and pavement reconstruction worksVIC28/11/2017
969455New automated amenities buildingNSW28/11/2017
968159Welding and track worksTAS28/11/2017
968132Electrical and fire - maintenance and responsive servicesTAS28/11/2017
973561Installation of classroomsWA28/11/2017
972352Refurbishment of transportable buildingsWA28/11/2017
971365Cafeteria / kitchen fit-out & slab replacement worksWA28/11/2017
970525New administration buildingWA28/11/2017
967976Consultancy for strategic airport asset & financial management frameworkWA28/11/2017
967371Preparation and painting of vesselWA28/11/2017
970294Construction of trunk water mainQLD28/11/2017
969990Design / construction of street extension & associated servicesACT28/11/2017
969479Canteen services for bus depotsACT28/11/2017
968324Cleaning services - public conveniencesVIC28/11/2017
967940Fire alarm monitoring servicesACT28/11/2017
969119Construction of large technology objects store project (various works)ALL28/11/2017
972409Development engineering services review of building consent applicationsNZ28/11/2017
972081Retail gasNSW28/11/2017
971741Concrete and ancillary worksWA28/11/2017
971750Urban street reconstructionTAS28/11/2017
971694LED pathway lightingWA28/11/2017
971486Civil construction worksWA28/11/2017
971684Construction of turning circleTAS28/11/2017
971152Cleaning / grounds & associated servicesVIC28/11/2017
970890Bus shelter advertising & maintenanceNSW28/11/2017
970937Banking & bill payment servicesWA28/11/2017
970969Reserve development workSA28/11/2017
970825Foreshore park constructionNSW28/11/2017
970753Supply and installation of campground buildings and structuresWA28/11/2017
970716Sale of development siteVIC28/11/2017
970711Sale of landholdingVIC28/11/2017
970747Drainage constructionSA28/11/2017
970626Road widening, road reconstruction and embankment stabilisationWA28/11/2017
970553New retaining wall, concrete pathway and large storage shedQLD28/11/2017
970613Turf cricket wicket resurfacingVIC28/11/2017
970541Manufacture, supply and placement of hot mixed asphalt surfacingQLD28/11/2017
970621Construction of multi purpose training facilityVIC28/11/2017
970602New floodlighting poles and lights (incl foundation construction)NSW28/11/2017
970361Resealing of various roadsVIC28/11/2017
970378Security system upgradesVIC28/11/2017
970376Netball court renewal & upgradeVIC28/11/2017
970434Staff infrastructure enhancement worksQLD28/11/2017
970484Sale of contemporary homeNSW28/11/2017
970291Pest control servicesVIC28/11/2017
970026Sale of commercial landmark siteVIC28/11/2017
970003Documentation & construction of building unitsQLD28/11/2017
970067Sale of retail siteVIC28/11/2017
970006Heavy fleet management servicesSA28/11/2017
969760Food & drink vending machines / servicesNSW28/11/2017
969721Road and drainage reconstruction (various works)NSW28/11/2017
969829Bus sheltersNSW28/11/2017
969877Support service for psychologically injured workersQLD28/11/2017
969734Bridge replacementNSW28/11/2017
969611Road upgradeVIC28/11/2017
969612Concrete crushing - landfillVIC28/11/2017
969607Medical assessmentNSW28/11/2017
969568Feature tree conditioningNSW28/11/2017
969432Solar photovoltaic programSA28/11/2017
969387Showground pavilion upgradeVIC28/11/2017
969482Former landfill remediation works incl gas management systemNSW28/11/2017
969270Footbridge constructionQLD28/11/2017
969005Construction of amenity blockNSW28/11/2017
968927Tractor (119 Kw)VIC28/11/2017
968929Tractor (70 Kw)VIC28/11/2017
968526Detailed design of reuse schemeNSW28/11/2017
967496Quarry products (panel)VIC28/11/2017
965943Construction of main access roadSA28/11/2017
970894Staff recruitment services & temporary labour hireSA28/11/2017
970889Footpath worksNSW28/11/2017
969683Construction of revetment wall and stormwater drainageNSW28/11/2017
969495Sale of retail propertyVIC28/11/2017
973892Simultaneous interpretation servicesO/S28/11/2017
973898Animated 2D explainer video on breastfeeding at workplaceO/S28/11/2017
973863Radioprotection / QA-QCO/S28/11/2017
973708Development of REDD+ stakeholder engagement plansO/S28/11/2017
973524Cisco Smart Net Total Care serviceO/S28/11/2017
973484Sports field construction - project staff (site assistants / labourers / irrigators)NSW28/11/2017
973480Sports field construction - various tradesNSW28/11/2017
973537Assessment of readiness of microfinance sectorO/S28/11/2017
973080Civil and electrical works - generator installationO/S28/11/2017
972576Maintenance and supply of spare parts in electricity and plumbingO/S28/11/2017
972534Clean-up (blood bank building, internal streets and all courtyards)O/S28/11/2017
972536AC split DXs and package unitO/S28/11/2017
972541Airborne lidar processing softwareO/S28/11/2017
972537Sale of tractors and trailersO/S28/11/2017
972261Mobile money transfer servicesO/S28/11/2017
972252Antibiotic powder for injection (beta lactams)O/S28/11/2017
972126Access to photo bank and provision of photo imagesO/S28/11/2017
972076IT equipmentO/S28/11/2017
972075Solar pumping equipmentO/S28/11/2017
972124Construction work of abutments and access of bridgeO/S28/11/2017
972119Various ID suppliesO/S28/11/2017
972080Consultancy - dispute resolutionO/S28/11/2017
971860Communications consultantO/S28/11/2017
971535Painting servicesO/S28/11/2017
971516Renovation works of buildingsO/S28/11/2017
971527ICT equipmentO/S28/11/2017
971515Printing servicesO/S28/11/2017
971335Construction of boiler shop and heating systemO/S28/11/2017
971414Policy and advisory technical assistance for integrated urban plansO/S28/11/2017
971330Construction and renovations of pharmacy storesO/S28/11/2017
971183Volunteer sector needs analysisNT28/11/2017
971038Management of oceanic fisheriesO/S28/11/2017
970935National media and outreach campaignO/S28/11/2017
970949Plotting service for digital spacesO/S28/11/2017
970668Outline business case for PPP projects (various sectors)O/S28/11/2017
970379Clinical council membershipNSW28/11/2017
969931Design and production of reports & printed/digital publicationsO/S28/11/2017
969853Technical assistant - capacity building & farm advisory servicesO/S28/11/2017
969855Fairtrade sugar marketing consultantO/S28/11/2017
969856Development of digital field information systemO/S28/11/2017
969519Survey on utilization and providing health servicesO/S28/11/2017
968974Management and construction supervision of underground sewerage projectO/S28/11/2017
968973Management and construction supervision of underground sewerage projectO/S28/11/2017
968967Management and construction supervision of underground sewerage projectO/S28/11/2017
968017Design & supply of kit set building (various works)O/S28/11/2017
965397Materials, equipment, instruments & demonstration models for physics / laboratory equipment & toolsO/S28/11/2017
961697Civil, electrical, and mechanical & electronic works for water networkO/S28/11/2017
967008Cleaning contractQLDNot Stated
967004Progressive builder sought as a partnerQLDNot Stated
966825Notice: Interventional pain management workshopNZNot Stated
966757Notice: Free event advertisingQLDNot Stated
966782Building of dinosaur projectQLDNot Stated
966783Sale of various itemsWANot Stated
966804Dam lining clayQLDNot Stated
966776Notice: Various projects and upgrade worksQLDNot Stated
966697Creative classes program facilitatorsVICNot Stated
966539Sale of waterfront residenceNSWNot Stated
966586Sale of business - online spare partsALLNot Stated
966537Sale of rights to manufacture & market wind turbinesNZNot Stated
966601Notice: Communications upgradesNZNot Stated
966400Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
966509Sponsorship opportunities for eventsNSWNot Stated
966326Notice: Upgrades to family centre (incl LED lighting)WANot Stated
966328Mowing and slashing of grass & lawnsVICNot Stated
966444Provide a performing arts (music) programVICNot Stated
966332Dry hire tractor and round balerVICNot Stated
966390Notice: Point of care testing equipment, associated consumables and servicesNZNot Stated
966443Notice: Fleet maintenance services (Central Lakes)NZNot Stated
966333Sale of family homeNSWNot Stated
966393Notice: Transforming the System of Service Delivery (TSSD) ProgrammeNZNot Stated
966500Catering servicesO/SNot Stated
966378Sale of former Italian clubQLDNot Stated
966306Sale of apartment complexVICNot Stated
966276Sale of rural acreageNSWNot Stated
966245Notice: Enhanced primary careSANot Stated
966224Notice: Design of road corridor improvementsNZNot Stated
966218Sale of apartmentsVICNot Stated
966267Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
966225Sale of apartmentsNSWNot Stated
966246Notice: Cyber credentials schemeNZNot Stated
966278Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
966279Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
966155Sale of brick paversWANot Stated
966149Head contractor for new schoolNSWNot Stated
965905Stallholders for Lunar New YearNSWNot Stated
965907Lodging / searching of papers, files, & documentsO/SNot Stated
966078Sale of freehold flatO/SNot Stated
966077Sale of commercial buildingO/SNot Stated
966079Sale of freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
965903Construction of residential dwellingNZNot Stated
965911Cleaning and mowing servicesQLDNot Stated
965918Sale of private islandO/SNot Stated
965986Sale of business & assets - fashion retail chainNZNot Stated
965981Small paving workNZNot Stated
966031Patient centred medical neighbourhood readiness programNSWNot Stated
965930Construction works on hotel projectO/SNot Stated
965921Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
965919Sale of freehold villaO/SNot Stated
965917Sale of boutique resortO/SNot Stated
966026Sugarcane Farm Development & Farmers Assistance GrantO/SNot Stated
966008Notice: Highway expansion project (incl financial auditor)O/SNot Stated
965920Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
965863Purchase and removal of large workshopTASNot Stated
965890College building worksWANot Stated
965857Sale of development siteQLDNot Stated
965860Subcontractors for unitsQLDNot Stated
965898Building trades for upcoming 2018 housing maintenance contractTASNot Stated
965895Catering leaseQLDNot Stated
965703Sale of warehouse / factory siteVICNot Stated
965611Sale of fire truckWANot Stated
965613Notice: BiG event for local businessesWANot Stated
965786Notice: Caravan park redevelopment programWANot Stated
965637Notice: Sale of stock horsesQLDNot Stated
965621Notice: Cleaning and reconstruction of recreation reserveVICNot Stated
965632Sale of quarriesQLDNot Stated
965488Notice: Cultural heritage sector reviewNZNot Stated
965457Resource Recovery Infrastructure FundVICNot Stated
965531Notice: Evaluation of health & safety in tendersNZNot Stated
965471Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
965472Lease of office & retail spacesO/SNot Stated
965277Community bus programNSWNot Stated
965262Notice: Pipeline of mungbeansALLNot Stated
965269Notice: Enabling works for construction of airportNSWNot Stated
965282Notice: Future use of siteTASNot Stated
965263Notice: Jail managementQLDNot Stated
965266School canteen licenceNSWNot Stated
965404Notice: Foreshore activationQLDNot Stated
965245Lease or sale of blocks of native vegetationVICNot Stated
965326Early tender notification: Distributed energy resource projectWANot Stated
965056Sale of management rightsNZNot Stated
965152Notice: Access road & intake facilitiesNZNot Stated
965098Notice: Design and construction of infrastructure projectsSANot Stated
965183Poultry industry consultantO/SNot Stated
965123Construction of new vesselsNSWNot Stated
965080General practices for mental health care trialVICNot Stated
965133Buying shares, co-operative, silent partner or direct managementVICNot Stated
965023Sale of propertyO/SNot Stated
965025Sale of freehold sectionO/SNot Stated
964934Notice: Sale of wetfish / paua ACENZNot Stated
965002Lease of spaceO/SNot Stated
964995Lease of office spacesO/SNot Stated
964987Sale / lease of hotel property / businessO/SNot Stated
964940Audit & risk management committeeVICNot Stated
964946Subcontractors - floor & wall tilersQLDNot Stated
964954Lease of flatO/SNot Stated
964932Sale of plant and equipmentQLDNot Stated
964943Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
964872Advance tender notice: Foreshore landscape & amenity enhancementWANot Stated