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    Tender # Region Brief Desciption Closing
700516 ALL Legal services 30/06/2018
724657 NSW Performance and management services 19/02/2019
747953 NSW Prequalification scheme: contingent workforce (various expertise) 28/02/2018
789907 NSW Corporate & transaction advisory / PPP financial & specialist industry advisory 30/06/2018
791168 ALL Business and industry expertise multi-use list 01/06/2018
796139 NSW Executive search scheme 30/06/2018
841616 NSW Prequalification scheme for consultants in construction 30/06/2019
887962 NSW Statutory appointments 15/03/2019
905993 NSW NGO registration scheme - human services 31/07/2019
910715 NZ Notice: Technical services panel 31/12/2018
959749 WA All local traders for registration to online purchasing system Not Stated
960213 ALL Information session: Doing business with DFAT Not Stated
961568 ALL Notice: Procurement pipeline Not Stated
961584 VIC Information session: Doing business with Government Not Stated
961706 ALL Notice: Countering human trafficking in ASEAN Not Stated
963136 ALL Information session: Accelerating commercialisation Not Stated
963461 O/S Bailiff services for debt collection Not Stated
964118 O/S Funding - European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights 09/11/2017
964272 NT Legal services (panel) 25/10/2017
964330 NZ Pharmaceutical patent attorney, patent awareness & monitoring services 06/11/2017
964556 VIC Independent audit & risk committee (various areas) Not Stated
964624 O/S Technical support to conduct country assessment on civil registration 19/10/2017
964737 O/S Consumer protection self-assessment toolkit 30/10/2017
964801 SA Legal services (panel) 23/10/2017
964927 NSW Business Partner Program 31/10/2017
964940 VIC Audit & risk management committee Not Stated
965096 O/S Advice on regulation of cross-border remittances 26/10/2017
965599 O/S Benchmark of services on penitentiary institutions 23/10/2017
965613 WA Notice: BiG event for local businesses Not Stated
965974 QLD Legal advice for insurance and workers compensation claims 06/11/2017
966190 WA Notice: Community services and events guide 31/10/2017
966330 NSW External legal panel 14/11/2017
966465 SA Legal services 30/10/2017
966711 QLD Notice: Manufacturing trends & opportunities 06/11/2017
966757 QLD Notice: Free event advertising Not Stated
966893 O/S Research on terrorist recruitment and online spaces 27/10/2017
966968 VIC Drug court monitoring & evaluation framework 10/11/2017
967030 NT Consultant - strategic planning, improving the constitution and potential future directions 22/10/2017
967124 O/S Review of legal & policy frameworks / development of grievance redress mechanisms (REDD+) 26/10/2017
967218 QLD Information session: Pre-qualified panel software 30/10/2017
967219 SA Audit committee & retirement services board 25/10/2017
967249 O/S Technical assistance in improving toll road sector (various tasks) 30/10/2017
967303 NSW Governance support 06/11/2017
967338 O/S Market readiness proposal (preparation phase) - climate change / energy 30/10/2017
967344 O/S PFS lead legal advisor 22/10/2017
967349 WA Notice: Small business networking breakfast 20/10/2017
967423 O/S Legal consulting services 20/10/2017
967528 O/S Human rights expert for developing operational guidance notes on DDR 20/10/2017

Results: 1 - 48 of 48 'open' tenders in this industry, this is page 1 of 1

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