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Industry Page: Traffic Control and Management

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    Tender # Region Brief Desciption Closing
1012492 QLD Road works 12/07/2018
1011764 NSW Minor civil works and services (panel) 10/07/2018
1011727 SA Sand relocation from beachport boat ramp 25/07/2018
1011567 QLD Traffic signs and control devices 12/07/2018
1011544 NZ Notice: Streetscape works - civil engineering services Not Stated
1011413 VIC Soccer pavilion design services (various disciplines) 05/07/2018
1011169 VIC Traffic management works 04/07/2018
1011164 NSW Supply of various materials or services 05/07/2018
1010869 O/S Upgrade of aged galvanised cross service connections 27/06/2018
1010664 NSW Active transport project 04/07/2018
1010647 QLD Traffic control services (incl design) 03/07/2018
1010580 QLD Rail integration systems (various works) 24/06/2018
1010432 O/S Legal consultant for airport expansion project 28/06/2018
1010427 O/S Technical consultant for airport expansion project 28/06/2018
1010232 NZ Bridge strengthening 03/07/2018
1010158 VIC Sewer rehabilitation (various works) 27/06/2018
1009881 NSW Floodlighting of pedestrian crossings 26/06/2018
1009857 NSW Signalised intersection upgrade (various works) 04/07/2018
1009437 QLD Military vehicle centre facilities and infrastructure (various works) 30/06/2018
1009327 VIC Major road rehabilitation work incl signage 27/06/2018
1009168 NZ Construction of footpath 27/06/2018
1009154 VIC Spray sealing and associated services 04/07/2018
1008546 O/S Notice: Construction of footpaths Not Stated
1008401 NSW Road infrastructure upgrade 05/07/2018
1008235 NZ Bridge strengthening 26/06/2018
1008141 VIC Road construction & intersection improvements incl. traffic signals 04/07/2018
1006977 NSW Construction of highway bypass (various works) Not Stated
1006941 QLD Trade and technical services 07/07/2018
1004306 VIC Level crossing removal project (various works) 17/08/2018
1001531 NZ Transfer of specialist mental health services (various disciplines) 16/07/2018
989954 VIC Bridge and civil works 27/06/2018
979687 VIC Freeway network (various opportunities) 31/12/2018
978175 VIC Rail line upgrade (various opportunities) 21/09/2018
970154 SA Rail electrification project (various opportunities) 11/07/2018
958706 VIC Renewable energy projects 31/12/2018
954205 NSW Underground tolled motorway project (various opportunitites) 31/08/2018
870198 NSW Architectural acoustic (noise) treatment contractors 26/11/2018
841616 NSW Prequalification scheme for consultants in construction 30/06/2019
747953 NSW Prequalification scheme: contingent workforce (various expertise) 28/02/2028

Results: 1 - 39 of 39 'open' tenders in this industry, this is page 1 of 1

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