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Industry Page: Traffic Control and Management

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    Tender # Region Brief Desciption Closing
1054396 O/S Institutional & organizational plan for traffic / parking management 12/03/2019
1054351 NZ Site investigation works for the asset management co-ordination report 27/03/2019
1054268 VIC Construction of traffic calming works 20/03/2019
1054038 O/S Project preparation and structuring of railway project 07/03/2019
1053578 NZ Road network (various services) 06/03/2019
1053512 NSW Various services 26/03/2019
1053489 NSW Resurfacing works incl landscaping 12/03/2019
1053053 VIC Design & construction of telecommunication tower (various works) 15/03/2019
1052875 VIC Refurbishment of bridge (Toolamba) 13/03/2019
1052874 VIC Refurbishment of bridge (Watt Road Bridge) 13/03/2019
1052857 VIC Widening & strengthening of bridge 15/03/2019
1052782 NZ Advanced traffic management system modernisation 28/03/2019
1052729 NT Construct concrete batters culvert & install reinforced pipe culvert 27/02/2019
1052671 NZ Signalling and traffic calming measures Not Stated
1052175 NSW Animal shelter project (various works) 12/03/2019
1052173 QLD Sheep loading ramps incl power & overhead lighting 05/03/2019
1051922 O/S Traffic impact assessment 27/02/2019
1051895 NZ Construction of footpath 08/03/2019
1051691 QLD Traffic signals 07/03/2019
1051663 NZ Road intersection improvements 28/02/2019
1051381 NZ Water main renewal 06/03/2019
1050827 O/S Access & traffic management measures 15/03/2019
1049756 WA Widening & upgrade of intersection 26/02/2019
1049367 NSW Bypass construction works 22/03/2019
1048845 NSW Railway feasibility study 27/02/2019
1048844 ALL Bridge project (various works) 31/05/2019
1048224 NZ Notice: Highway works Not Stated
1047861 NZ Transfer of specialist mental health services (various disciplines) Today
1047608 QLD Notice: Roads, water & sewerage (civil construction) suppliers Not Stated
1046816 QLD Notice: Bypass construction works Not Stated
1046349 QLD Information session: Floodplain upgrade works Not Stated
1045814 VIC Reconstruction of road (incl nature strip reinstatement) Today
1043698 SA Bridge duplication (various opportunities) 28/06/2019
1019496 NSW Highway upgrade 03/08/2019
1015088 NT Drive duplication (various opportunities) 01/02/2020
841616 NSW Prequalification scheme for consultants in construction 30/06/2019
747953 NSW Prequalification scheme: contingent workforce (various expertise) 28/02/2028

Results: 1 - 37 of 37 'open' tenders in this industry, this is page 1 of 1

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