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Once-Off Tenders

Our system has been designed to be easy to use and not require hours of instruction. This means that even if you haven't advertised a tender before, or do so infrequently, our system is effortless to pickup. You can place your RFX directly onto Tenders.Net or you can have our staff put up your advertisment and manage it for you.

As our regular advertisers know, placing your tender on Tenders.Net gives it maximum exposure to suppliers interested in submitting bids.

Regular Advertising

As a frequent Advertiser on Tenders.Net you get a free customised mini-site set up just for your tenders which can even be embedded directly into your own website for seamless interaction. This Direct Tendering Portal (or DTP) makes the perfect spot to manage your own opportunities or to direct your suppliers to for accessing your tenders. These services are provided without cost.

How can it be free? Because we collate one of the largest databases of public tenders in Australia, your choice to advertise on our system directly means we do not need to search out your opportunity from other sources. We repay this saving by offering our advertising services free of charge.

Local Government and Councils

Our system has been designed to meet the requirements for government, from local councils all the way to federal, as well as those from private companies and organisations.

You'll find many councils and companies are already using Tenders.Net to advertise and manage their opportunities, both public and invitation only.

What our advertisers say...

"I’d like to advise that we have found the platform, support staff and the organisation as a whole very user friendly, supportive and easy to deal with, and an excellent portal for our purposes"
Roger Bramble, Woollahra Municiple Council

"Just wanted to thank [you] for the assistance with recent EOI's and Tenders placed on Tenders Net, and advise it has been a very successful process. Thanks again, please don't hesitate to refer other Councils to myself, in regard to the outcomes that can be achieved by utilising Tenders Net"
David Carvosso, Western Downs Regional Council

"Your responsiveness is A1. Thanks for your terrific help, interest & co-operation"
Mark Dunn, South East Water Limited

Direct Tendering Portals

Your free customisable Direct Tendering Portal (or DTP) is your gateway for suppliers to interact with your opportunity. They can be made to match your own website appearance and provide a truly seamless experience for your suppliers. You can also manage your opportunities through your DTP with an administrative access.

Below are some examples of the hundreds of the DTPs created for our members.

Woollahra Municipal Council Alpine Shire Council Austroads Axicom Centennial Coal East Arnhem Regional Council Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Gippsland Water Government of Tuvalu Great Barrier Reef Foundation Hepburn Shire Council Hort Innovation City of Palmerston Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment The Pacific Community Towong Shire Council Western Downs Regional Council Visit Victoria

Your Tender, Your Way

We understand that you are not the same as everyone else and neither is your opportunity. Here at Tenders.Net we provide many features that provide more functionality and make each advertisement more suited to your needs.

Flexible and Adaptable

You can choose the format, structure and features you wish your opportunity to have. We offer tools to help organise onsite/virtual briefings, tender forums, delayed release and more!

Online Supplier Documentation

You can attach documentation to your advertisement for suppliers to download or have them fill out a request first. If your documentation is already on the web, just add in your links instead. You may place a charge on accessing your documentation if required.

A Simple Amendment Process

Need to upload new files as addenda or to change the advertisement details, such as extend the closing date? Our automated system provides quick and simple ways of notifying your suppliers of any changes you make to your advertisements. Suppliers can opt-out of receiving these updates if they are no longer interested.

Receive Submissions Electronically

By receiving submissions electronically you remove the hassle of dealing with a physical tender box, but keep the benefits. All submissions to the box are securely encrypted until the tender closes and they are automatically released to you, the advertiser. There are several different types that you can choose from.

Interactive Forums

The best way to prevent others asking the same question over and over again is to release the question and its answer on a Tender Forum for your opportunity. Only you can post information onto this forum but any supplier can ask a question for you to answer. This way suppliers get the answers to all their questions in one easy place and you are no longer overloaded in dealing with them.

Audit Ready

For our regular advertisers we provide a full audit tracking system for tender advertisements via our Tender Activity Reports. Every action, interaction and modification to each of your opportunities is recorded in these activity reports that can be viewed online or downloaded for your records.

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